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Billy Gibbons, Ed Roman, Eric Clapton Guitar

Billy Gibbons & Ed Roman 2006
Guaranteed Best Price on the Gretsch Billy Bo  702-875-4552


Billy Gibbons

Billy at the store 2005 Playing an Ed Roman RVC  (Roman Vintage Custom)
Bruce Conte From "Tower Of Power" with an Ed Roman Baker Bushwacker B1



Roman Abstract Jupiter Thunderbird

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ZZ Top Guitars

ZZ TOP Guitars Available @ Ed Roman Guitars  

jellybean guitar

 One of the 2 original jellybean guitars built to honor Bill Rich who designed the original blowup air guitars

jellybean guitar

Replica's of this guitar are now available contact Ed Roman


 Crazy Cowboy Guitar

ZZ Top's World Famous Crazy Cowboy Guitar
Exclusively Available In Matched Sets  From Ed Roman Guitars "Vegas"

  Crazy Cowboy Bass

ZZ Top's World Famous Crazy Cowboy Bass

  Ed Roman is now offering the "Crazy Cowboy" guitars  & Basses direct to the public.

Please contact Ed at the Las Vegas Custom Shop 702- 875- 4552

Billy Gibbons and Ed Roman
Billy F. Gibbons & Ed Roman  1990

  Dean Fuzzy Explorers

 Fuzzy Explorers

 There were over 6 major guitar companies that made these guitars for Billy & Dusty
Most of them were made by Dean Guitars
 You can buy the above ones from Ed Roman in Las Vegas  702-875-4012

 Dean Fuzzy Explorers

 Billy Gibbons

The Top On Billy's "Custom Made Guitar" is Made From Rubber 
This Allows him to Stick Knives Into it on Stage.

Billy Gibbons


The Purple Drip Guitar & Bass


The finish on Dusty's Bass is achieved by using a 1/8 piece of Plexiglas for the top.
Different shades of purple, green, gold and occasional blue are poured on so that it gives the drippy effect

When the paint dries the plexi is cut and installed on the face of the guitar & headstock
The effect
is amazing because the guitar looks wet up close.
The Fingerboard is done completely by hand then 12 coats of clear are sprayed over it to approximate the rest of the guitar.


Billy & Dusty probably have more guitars with painted fingerboards than anyone else in the world.


Painting a fretboard is a massive undertaking,  Very few people are capable of it. The frets have to be installed after the paint and 80 percent of the clear is applied. You have to be super careful not to chip any paint as the frets are installed.  After the frets are installed the rest of the clear is applied and the top of the frets are wiped with a special tool.

As I said above Billy & Dusty love those painted fingerboards, The hardest color of all to do is white because every little bitty chip shows through.

Billy Gibbons Super Model
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Ed Roman 702-875-4012

Billy Gibbons

Above Billy is playing one of the few reverse model Billy Bo Guitars

Contact Ed Roman if you want to own one of these

Billy Gibbons

In this shot Billy's custom guitar is closer looking to the stock Gretsch model

This one is available to the general public.

Billy Gibbons and Ed Roman

Ed Roman & Billy 2004

Crazy Cowboy Guitar

   Ed Roman is now offering the "Crazy Cowboy" guitars direct to the public.

Please contact Ed Roman at the Las Vegas Custom Shop  702-875-4012

Dean Shrimpfork Explorer

Old Pictures With Dean Shrimpfork Explorers

ZZ Top

In case you have to play on Super Bowl Sunday
It's always a great idea to have a TV built in !!

Dean Shrimpfork ExplorerZZ Top

ZZ TopZZ Top

ZZ Top

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