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The real Ventures Model Mosrite was extremely short lived. In fact  "The Ventures" supposedly didn't get paid their royalties on the few that were made.


So how come there are so many Mosrite guitars out there that say "The Ventures" on them?


Dealers actually affixed decals on guitars that were already sold to them. In fact some of the Ventures models predate the original contract with "The Ventures".


The Ventures

Ed Roman's Childhood Musical Experience #1

The first band I ever saw in my entire life was a band called "The Shades" it was the early 60's, They were playing outside on the baseball diamond at Veterans Park School in Ridgefield Connecticut.

The members of this band were Gordon Springer, Chas Wergeles, Richie Haight and Eddie Sossei. They all wore these really cool wraparound dark sunglasses hence the name "The Shades."

They were a Ventures cover band at the time and I was transfixed in total awe with the sound of those guitars. If I live to be 1000 years old I will never forget that sound, the expressions on their faces., It was then I knew that I wanted to be around music and guitars my whole life. I didn't even know how to play at the time but that night as I sat there watching them play I was totally mesmerized and completely taken with what I was seeing and hearing.

The next time I saw them they had changed their name to the Gospel Truths and Eddie Sossei had been replaced by Gino Zenobia I think, but they were still great. They were singing and doing Dave Clark 5, Beatles and Searchers music but I never forgot that first night when they were playing, Peter Gunn, Walk Don't Run, Outer Limits, Sheba, Perfidia, No Trespassing, Space Race etc etc....

If any of the members or friends of this band happen to read this I would love to post a picture of them here.


Ed Roman

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