(Lynyrd Skynyrd) (Outlaws)

Hughie Thomasson is one great guitar picker, I must have seen him with "The Outlaws" at least 15 times. Every single time I came away completely entertained and totally knocked out with the multi guitar stylings that he has made so popular.

In 2003 I delivered his Pearlcaster to him he was completely enamored with it's ability to stay in tune. He called me back several times that evening to comment on the playability and neck feel. He loved the feel of the Titan Neck

For me It felt great to convert another dyed in the wool Fender player. I used to work on Hughie's guitars as far back as the late 80's and he always complained that his Fender's would never hold tune. I guess we fixed that problem for him.

These days Hughie is working with Lynyrd Skynyrd the quintessential southern rock band in the world. His guitar stylings are amazing. Hughie told me that he was getting ready to do another Outlaws project in between his Skynyrd gigs.  I can't wait for that !!!!!

The legendary Southern Rock Band "The Outlaws" have been touring in support of their 30th reunion. After many years, original members Henry Paul and Hughie Thomasson have put together a dynamic line-up including guitar virtuoso Chris Anderson. The band has chosen Babicz Identity Series guitars for the acoustic performances on the tour.
The Outlaws have written and performed countless southern rock hits over the years, including "Green Grass and High Tides" and "Ghost Riders in the Sky".
Babicz Guitars USA is a developer and manufacturer of acoustic guitars  The company is known for its innovative patent pending technology which includes their "Continually Adjustable Neck" and "Lateral Compression String Anchor System,                                                                                                                                       Hughie with Ed

Hughie Thomasson Guitar

Hughie with Mike





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