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Brian Setzer - Stray Cats
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Gretsch Brian Setzer in Green Flamed Maple

If you look up the word "cool" in the dictionary there would be a picture of Brian Setzer!

When I first saw Brian on MTV back around 1982 I liked it, I even sang along to it, but I really did not appreciate the huge talent that he had. At the time the songs didn't move me too much.

I met Brian at a show he played in Long Island about 1993 or so. I wasn't expecting a real lot, based on the basic three chord changes his tunes were, I wasn't expecting much more than a typical club act.

Talk about being incredibly wrong. Brian played that Gretsch guitar so incredibly well, and so tastefully that my eyes were opened to a whole new genre of music, which I had previously dismissed as being a little too simple.

This guy can play like an angel and his voice is great, his stage presence is riveting, The lyrics are great and he always looks too cool.

I make sure I see him whenever he comes to town!!

Ed Roman

Stray Cats 1981                Brian Setzer 1980




It takes a supreme amount of coolness to play guitars like these !!!!