John Scofield

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"Someone's always trying to categorize my music. I think my writing and playing have reached a point where I can't help them do it anymore. My guitar style is a true combination of jazz and rock techniques and I've been doing that for so long now, I really don't think about it, "says guitarist/composer John Scofield.

 "It's instrumental music with a firm base in jazz traditions - shaded by samplings of rock, rhythm and blues and even country. I like to think it combines the best characteristics of each." A veteran sideman (whose credits include three years of touring and recording with Miles Davis), Scofield has developed a formidable career as a bandleader in his own right.


John is enjoying worldwide popularity as a performing artist, touring an average of six months each year. His working band, aptly named the John Scofield Quartet, is beginning it's third year as a showcase for the near-telepathic musical rapport shared by Scofield and tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano. Pairing this duo with the talents of drummer Bill Stewart and bassist Dennis Irwin, Scofield cites a four-way similarity in concept as a primary factor in his music's success. Downbeat Magazine poll winners in 1991 as #2 Electric Jazz Group - coupled with Scofield's #1 Guitar Player - are just a small token of the groups critical and public acclaim.

John Scofield Uses Ibanez Guitars