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Few people are aware that during the 80's Neal decided to produce a guitar line. Of course saying you are going to produce a guitar line and actually doing it are two entirely different things.  Neal enlisted the help of Grover Jackson who was already involved in building guitars for him personally.

However, Grover could barely produce enough guitars to satisfy his "Jackson Guitar" customers.

From what little information that I have been able to gather, from talking to both Neal and Grover I have gleaned that there was a parting of ways. This may have been caused by the new owners of Jackson and the fact that they could not deliver.  I am just guessing here because Neal doesn't like to talk about it.

My own experiences with Grover are similar, Grover is currently building some of the custom necks for my Quicksilver Guitars. I have found that Grover is such an incredible perfectionist that getting product finished is a real challenge.  Fortunately I am also making several other brands of guitars and Quicksilvers are not my only means of income.  The necks are excellent and worth waiting for.

As of 2002 I have acquired a number of these fine guitars.  Most of them were incomplete and require assembly and setups.  For a limited time these great guitars can be purchased exclusively from Ed Roman.  Some of them have not even been painted and will be sold as body blanks only. The prices will naturally go up as the supply dwindles. Buy one now!

     Ed Roman


Original Neal Schon Brochure


Gibson, Manufactured the Schon Guitar For A Short Time Under The Gibson Name Brand

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Gibson  Neal Schon Guitar

Ed Roman thought he knew the Schon guitar story inside and out. Well, Ed recently acquired a filing cabinet full of old Gibson paraphernalia. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the existence of a Neal Schon guitar that was to be manufactured by Gibson.

Ed Roman Guitars already has the last of the Neal Schon body blanks in existence today, and we are the exclusive source for these body blanks. Ed is hoping that someone out there knows or even owns one of these Gibson Schon guitars.

If you own or have any information about these guitars, please give Ed Roman a call and tell us about it!!!




Neal Schon Guitar - Large Supply of Unfinished Body Blanks with Fretted Ebony Fingerboards in Stock


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Body blanks and all parts are now available

Excellent Condition

This guitar Is the finest example of a Schon guitar I have ever seen

Spotless Dead Mint  (Kept Under The Bed)

The Only One I have Ever Seen With Gold Hardware