Rudolf Schenker

Rudolf Schenker was born in Germany in 1948. Schenker started the group the Scorpions in 1965 and by 1970, he was joined in the group by his brother, Michael Schenker. The band released their first album in 1972, Lonesome Crow. While much of the lineup of the group has changed over the years, Schenker is the one constant, and it is certainly his band. He has not done a lot of work outside of the group, but he has played with his brother in the Michael Schenker Group on occasion.

Rudolph & Ed Roman 2003


Both The Schenker Brothers Favor Flying Vees



In The early Days There wasn't the choices that are available today for Vees
So Rudy & Michael used Gibsons.

Nowadays you almost never see them with a Gibson