Carlos Santana

The PRS Santana Guitar

Santana Guitars (something I don't push). I have never liked the Santana guitar and I have always wondered why so many people always seem to want them.

Recently I was talking to a dealer that I know, we got to talking about which PRS models were selling and which ones weren't. He mentioned to me that he was selling The Santana models right and left and that the profits were high because buyer emotion is currently high due to Santana's highly successful comeback. I told him I didn't favor the guitar, I told him I didn't like the odd scale and the fat uncomfortable neck. I also told him I didn't favor the cheesy little strips of fake Abalone that adorn the front of the Santana Guitar.

This guy  is a highly successful dealer and a pretty slick guy ,  In fact he used to work for me at Eastcoast Music Mall

This is what he told me.

He pretty much agreed with my physical dislike of the guitar. He also thought that the fake Abalone looked a little too "Tijuana Tuck n' Roll".  But for him  the bottom line in business is sales and profits.  He confided in me that every time he sold a Santana guitar that usually it would boomerang back at a greatly reduced price as soon as the buyer realized he wasn't Carlos Santana. Many of the buyers would take a huge loss when they traded it back in on another guitar and many of them would do it within 60 days of purchasing the guitar. He told me that he has sold many of them as much as 4 times each. In fact he told me he passed used one off as new at least 10 times.   I won't mention his name because that would probably start a war but I don't agree with his tactics.

I related this story to a customer that had recently traded in a Santana to me. The customer "Rich Gritta" agreed wholeheartedly with my friend's summation.   When he (Rich) had bought his Santana he failed to realize that the scale was different from any of the other PRS guitars and he also indicated to me that the guitar was basically unplayable for him because the neck was very uncomfortable.

So be careful, make sure you specify what kind of neck you want before you buy a guitar and remember artist endorsed models usually come set up with the scale and feel that the particular artist plays.  Jeff Beck Stratocasters for example employ necks the size of blimps.  The necks on those guitars are so huge I can't see how anyone can play it effectively.

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