Tyler Ochs Guitar

Absinthe Custom Vintage Guitar This story started when Bob Ochs from New Jersey acquired the 600 year old  Mahogany that had been used for 50 years as the top of the main bar from the old Absinthe Bar in New Orleans.  This wood was a piece of American History.

Many luminaries including Jimmy Page, Mae West, & WC Fields have played at the Absinthe. Presumably they had all sidled up to this slab of wood and tipped a few frosty lagers. Many a character had imbibed at this bar. I am sure many a character had spilled his or her drink on this bar and I'll bet good money that there were a good many individuals who had puked on this bar.  Jean Lafitte the infamous pirate was a regular at the Absinthe so I am sure there was plenty of blood that flowed freely on this ancient piece of wood.

This Mahogany was screaming to be turned into several guitars.  Bob Ochs's  first inclination was to go to the Gibson Custom Shop and have them build several guitars from this fine piece of aged mahogany.  To make a long story short Gibson was less than interested in working with Bob, in fact they pretty much ignored him and his project.

Several years passed and Bob was beginning to get discouraged because he couldn't find anyone who would consider working with him to create several masterpiece guitars.

The current plan is for 3 guitars. The next two are going to be a neck through body Futura styled model and a rectangular Bo Diddley styled model.

When Bob first came to me to enlist my help in the project, I wasn't too excited at first. Jobs like these can be a pain in the ass.

In any case we decided to give it a try (I always like to do something different). The first project was to recreate an old Epiphone style guitar for Bob's son Tyler.

"Kick out the Jams"

Bob's son Tyler is an avid MC5 fan (Motor City 5). Fred "Sonic" Smith used an Epiphone like this one back in the 60's. Not many people appreciated the MC 5 when they first came out. They were a cross between white Punks on Dope and Heavy Metal, "Iggy Pop meets Judas Priest" or Johnny Thunders meets Iron Maiden. They were also compared to the Who by many rock pundits, although personally I don't agree.

Vector Custom Absinth

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