Murry The Wheel

is composed of a bunch of hard-working individuals who, between them cover all the gigs on the tour that never ends.

On Lead Guitar & Vocals - Tim!

Tim founded the band way back in 1989 he released the album ROCKET EYES and went on to open for such acts as the Johnny Winter and the Good Rats. Tim's influences include Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters , Robert Johnson as well as Hendrix, Clapton and Robin Trower. In addition the full band Tim fronts an all blues version of the Wheel. In 2001 he released the CD BELLY FULL OF BLUES. Gigging constantly, Tim has a well earned rep as the one of the hardest working musicians in CT. and is well known for his dynamic style of playing.


I played bass & guitar and handled 90% of the vocals with Timi, AKA Murry during the seventies and early 80's. I quit the band to open up a stupid music store.  Murry is still Rockin and I'm workin' 12 hours a day.  Maybe I should have stayed in the band

Ed Roman




On Drums & Vocals - Greg!

From Redding CT, Greg joined the band way back in 1989 and played about a thousand gigs on a beat-up old Ludwig kit that was built before he was born (a couple of summers ago he finally broke down and bought a new set). When he isn't gigging with the band, Greg is an avid acoustic player who writes and produces his own songs. Greg produced the bands new album LIVE IN WEST HAVEN, which came out on August 31st.


On Bass & Vocals - Pete!

Pete joined the band in 1995 after playing in a bunch of local bands in Norwalk Ct. and Amherst Mass. When  not gigging with the Wheel, Pete helped found the popular  CT.  WHO tribute band ODDS AND SODS, as well as the local metal bands WARHEAD and GYPSY SIN. Pete's hobbies include blowing house fuses, frying speakers, breaking basses and getting them fixed on warranty. Pete musical influences include Rush, The Who , Rolling Rock and Goldschlager.


On Bass & Vocals - Bob!!

Bob is the original bass player of Murry The Wheel, he played bass on the first album ROCKET EYES as well as on the new release BELLYFULL OF BLUES. Bob is known for his great ability to blend the styles of funk and blues on the bass.


On Drums - Ed!

Originally from Newtown Ct., Ed is also one of the original alumni of the Murry the Wheel band as well as playing drums in CUT LOOSE which became  the well known CT. band FUTURE TENSE. Ed has also played which such noteables as Billy Idol, Leslie West and Jose Feliciano. When he isn't gigging with Murry, Ed is one half of the freeform jazz duo, THE OTHER PEOPLE. Ed plays drums on the 2001 release BELLYFULL OF BLUES.


On Bass & vocals - The D.A!:

Another longtime 'known associate', Day  returned after a few years out of the loop to do a bunch of gigs with the full band in 2001 as well as playing guitar with the blues combo.


On Drums- The Mighty Jimmy!

From Westport CT., Jimmy joined us to play on the LIVE AT DUNVILLE'S well as some great gigs in West Haven, Ansonia and Mt. Wachusset Mass.

On Guitar: BBQ BOB!

From Danbury, Bob has been a mainstay of Murry's blues combo for years...he introduced Pete to Murry back in 95. Bob is also known for his great ballad 'RED HILLS OF MARS'

On Sax: Julio!

Another longtime member of the blues combo, Julio's great sax sounds also fill out the band from time to time..

On Vocals: Joe!

Master of the Motown sound!

On Drums Bobby T!

From Johnny Winters band and Bobby's Allstars Bob is one of the loudest drummers around.. Bobby spent many years in Johnny Winter's band  and also plays with  blues prodigy HOLDEN TRUELOVE.

On Guitar: Mark E.!

All the way from Macon in Georgia by way of Johnny Winter's band, Mark always takes time off the tour to jam with Murry!

On Harp: Mark I.!

From Milford, Marks is one of the best harp players in CT. He's been jamming on stage with Murry for years.


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