Bret Michaels - Poison

Bret Michaels is in a class all by himself. 



Over the course of 25 years he has led the band Poison through both good times and bad.

 He has been higher than high and lower than low but through it all he remains committed to keeping rock n roll fun.

 Like it or not, Poison helped create an entire genre of music called Hair Metal.

While some claim that this was watered down metal, even the biggest critic must admit it was a good time!  Sure the songs were pop but they were packed down with rock solid lead guitar work and sung by a guy that most of wish we could become. 

 Michaels comes from the David Lee Roth mold of lead singers.  Good looks, a penchant for getting in trouble and a knack for getting the best looking girls, his is a hedonists dream come true.










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