George Lynch Guitars

George Lynch's  J. Frog Skull N Bones

Exclusively Available from Ed Roman Guitars
J Frog Guitars


George Lynch, Ed Roman & George's newborn baby approximately 1988





KnuckleBonz Statue available from Ed Roman Guitars

This photo taken by Bob May was at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC
George was donating this guitar.


The Original real "Mr Scary"

This is George Lynch's Original Kramer Baretta !!
This is before he hacked the body up.
Ed Roman had this guitar for 4 years, The body looked like it had been through 3 wars
the neck was a brand new ESP neck
(George never used the ESP neck)
George used this guitar along with the original J. Frog Skull N' Bones for almost all the original Dokken Tunes.

This Kramer was a copy of the original J. Frog Non Skull Guitar.
Right down to the angled pickup.


 George Lynch, with his most famous guitar ever

The J Frog Skull N Bones

I will be stocking all of the George Lynch Models,  All Colors all flavors
Contact me if you are selling or want to trade in on something better.


Kamikazi is a Japanese word that means (Divine Wind)

Kamikazi is a stupid mindless Japanese pilot who is stupid enough to commit Hiri Kiri (Suicide)
by smashing his Mitsubishi airplane into an American ship.
Sorry,  I just don't get the patriotism here.
ESP is a Japanese Guitar Company
(Just in Case you didn't know)

Here's  a photo of a very young George Lynch
This photo was taken even before I knew him
Notice the headstock on this guitar
I am not sure who did make it but I'm positive it's not a Fender
I am offering a J. Frog Guitar in this color

The Coolest of all George Lynch's Guitars

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