Blackie Lawless


Blackie was in town recently, I was out of town when he stopped in. He needed his guitar fixed just a couple of hours before the gig.

We fixed it up and delivered it to him at the gig.  4 guys on the crew went to the show... the reviews were all great..

Ed Roman






Blackie Lawless Widow Model.... Almost always available @ Ed Roman's Vegas Shop

Prices Starting at $2,200.00 for handmade USA Models


Deluxe Version

Widow Bass
Blackie Lawless


Serial # 002

Leo Quan Badass Bridge,  EMG Pickups, Large Premium Shark Tooth Inlays, Ebony Fingerboard, Black Hardware, Grover Tuners, Extremely Light and Very Resonant.

the Last One from the Original 24    

This one came from my personal collection, I had put it aside for myself.  There were only two made with Green Striping.  The other one was the very first one made for Blackie Lawless.  There was no clear finish on that one and the headstock did not match.  This one was probably the nicest and the lightest one ever built.  It is exactly as it was when it was brand new.  This one is the only one I ever saw with Black Hardware. All the other ones were Chrome (Except for Blackie).       I do have one in stock at this time call 702-249-6007)


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