Scott is a Jackson endorsee and my sales manager here at the shop.  Scott helps me a great deal in running the operation here. Most of my customers know,  that when you call here,  Scott or myself who will help you with the guitar you are interested in. Scott is not as scary as his photo would have you believe. I just decided to use this photo because Jackson Guitars is using it as an opener on their main site. 

Don't be fooled by the picture, Scott is not your typical Head Banger. In fact Scott holds medical degrees and he gave up a promising medical practice to devote his life to music.

My biggest fear is that his band will hit the big time and I will lose him as a salesperson.  Good people are extremely hard to find. believe me I know.

Scott's band "FACE DOWN" is excellent, Their CD has tunes on it that are Semi Hardcore and immediately likable and best of all memorable.

Currently the band is producing a new album and if it's as good as the last album I will be surprised if they don't get a shot at the big time.

FACE DOWN was originally conceived in the late 80's in NYC . The band  has made Vegas their home base since early 96. Over the years the line up has had minor changes bringing new sounds and ideas to the band each time to forge the distinctive sound that they have today.

Scott now works for me here in our Vegas show room and heads up the sales on a good number of the lines. Scott is a expert on many guitar brands like Jackson, Ibanez, BC Rich, Pagan, Abstract, Kramer and many more.

Ed Roman

Facedown has at the present moment 2 full length Cd's  Psychomagnetic is actually a double CD with some cool multimedia on one of the disc. At the present moment they are working on a Remix called Demagnetized and are writing and recording a new CD.


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