Lemmy Kilmister


Contrary to some people's opinion,  Lemmy is a very well spoken extremely personable, well mannered guy !!! 

We spent some time together & took in a show here in Vegas with a couple of other people from my crew.

He is a little hard to understand, his accent is quite thick.

We both share the same love for the early 60's British Invasion Music


Ed & Lemmy May 16th 2006


Rickenbacker Lemmy Kilmister Limited


This Guitar is Available from Ed Roman

Autographed By Lemmy Himself


Lemmy,  Motorhead's flamboyant bassist has allowed Rickenbacker to build only 50 of these hand carved reproductions of his own bass. These basses will become incredibly valuable in years to come. Only 50 people in the world will be able to own the entire Rickenbacker Limited Collection.


Gold Hardware, Star inlays, Hand Carved Body, Fully Bound. 3 Pickups

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