Joan Jett

I first met Joan at the Harley Rendezvouz in Albany in the Early 80's. ( 82 I think)  I had never heard of the Runaways at that time and it was the first time I ever heard her play. I was pretty impressed with the raw power of the show but I'll never forget those incredible eyes. A week or so later I saw her latest MTV video with her wearing one of the crew sweatshirts from the event.  She must have made the video a couple of days before it was aired on MTV.

A close friend of mine "Billy Crater" went to work for Joan around 1985 (he has been her soundman ever since). Billy used to run my traveling road show and was my main sound engineer along with Scott Blomquist.  Billy is a bottom end freak and the perfect soundman for a band like the Blackhearts. For years after that I would run into him in airports all over the USA,  Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta. I have seen Joan perform over 25 times and I'm a dyed in the wool fan.

Usually I can hold an intelligent conversation with any celebrity or any rockstar, Usually I always have something to talk about. Conversation comes easily to me.  However as many times as I have met Joan, I am at a loss for words. I guess that means I'm a real fan. I have met Lita and Cherie and I was quite able to converse with them. I found Cherie to be a real sweet girl who smiled a lot and made me feel at ease instantly. She was very approachable and easy to talk to. I have talked briefly to Joan numerous times backstage and at my friend Billy's wedding reception but never more than 30 seconds and never much more than to compliment her etc etc.  I guess I'm just a dumbass fan. I feel exactly the same way when I get around Eric Burdon my favorite all time singer.  Eric is really super friendly and a real party animal but that fan thing always gets in the way of any real fruitful conversations.

Ed Roman

Joan sings and plays like she has a lot of testosterone but you wouldn't know it to look at her.
This woman's whole personnae is Rock & Roll

I will be building a new line of guitars much like the one you see Joan holding in this picture. There will be four models a single cutaway and a double cutaway. I will be offering them either in a soapbar version and a humbucking version. The guitars will be very inexpensive and designed with the player in mind. I will be using minimum 200 year old mahogany, Duncan Pickups, Tone/Pros Tune-o-matic bridges and Kluson tuners.

These guitars will be in the tradition of the early low cost Gibson Juniors like Leslie West played. There will be no fancy options available.

The new line is called RVC Guitars

Ed Roman


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