George Harrison

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Gretsch 62 Ebony Reissue

George's Most Famous Guitar

George Harrison was the first guitar player that ever influenced me, I was 14 years old when the Beatles came on Ed Sullivan & my world was changed forever. I moved on to Jeff Beck, & Leslie West & Jimmy Page but years later I came back to really appreciating the incredible talent that was George Harrison.  George was my favorite Beatle and ironically the only one of them I never actually met face to face.

Today almost 40 years later I am amazed every time I listen to the early Beatle tracks. Remember, George Harrison was the youngest of the Beatles and was only 19 when he was recording all those great songs in the early 60's. I cannot imagine how and where he learned to play so well.

George played many different guitars, But the Gretsch is the one that personifies the famous Beatles sound.  

Ed Roman

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  360 12 String Rickenbacker  George Harrison


Gretsch 6128T - 1957   George Harrison

Gretsch 1962 "Ticket to Ride" Reissue 6119HT

Gretsch G6128TSP 2004 George Harrison Duo Jet

George Harrison Model Ramirez Classical Guitar



George's original Country Gentleman was brown. Many people (including myself) thought it was black.

After all, we all saw the Beatles on black & white TV. Plus, brown isn't a very rock n' roll color. 

Above a picture of George with a refinished black Gretsch Country Gentleman.

Ed Roman has made a special arrangement with Gretsch to build this guitar in this color.

They will be available in June 0f 2004... reserve yours now because they will be limited.

This guitar is referred to as the Ed Sullivan Commemorative

Ed Roman

Available & In Stock @ Ed Roman's Guitar Shop




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6128 Duo Jet

 Rock 'N' Roll Dream... the classic Gretsch Duo Jet traces its lineage to the earliest days of Rock music. Similar to models of the late '50s, today's Duo Jet features dual high sensitive Filtertron™ pickups, "tone switch" circuitry, ebony fingerboard with Neo-Classical "thumbnail" inlays, Space control bridge and G-cutout tailpiece.

The Original George Harrison Gretsch....

Even before the Tennessean and the Country Gentleman.


George with his famous Rickenbacker 360/12, his Gretsch Tennessean a Rickenbacker 325


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