Roger Glover


Leslie West, Roger Glover, Ed Roman, Elliott Easton, Buck Dharma, Vinnie Zummo

Photo taken in New Fairfield CT. 1987

Born in Beacon, South Wales, Great Britain in 1945. Roger Glover is a bass player, songwriter, producer, artist who has a fantastic career to his credit. He started his musical career in different local groups in the early sixties and it was one of those groups that later changed their name to Episode Six. Episode Six released a couple of singles and was a very popular band but the big breakthrough for Roger was still a few years away.

In 1969 he and the singer in Episode Six, Ian Gillan, was asked to join Deep Purple and they both accepted the offer. In Rock, their first studio album with Purple became a huge success and they became one of the biggest if not The biggest rock band in the world. After a few years of massive success with Deep Purple he left after internal conflicts in 1973 and decided to launch a new career as a producer. The list of groups he's produced is long, artist such as Nazareth, Judas Priest, Status Quo and Rory Gallagher are just some of them.

His first solo album was called Roger Glover and Guests - "The Butterfly Ball". The album was released in 1974 and was supposed to be the soundtrack to a cartoon movie but the film never did happen. The album itself had a long list of guest musicians and some of the more well know names are David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Tony Ashton and Ronnie James Dio. A few years later in 1978 he got the job as bass player and producer in his former Deep Purple colleague Ritchie Blackmore's band, Rainbow. In Rainbow he enjoyed some great success around the world and he stayed in the band up 'til 1984 when the legendary Deep Purple Mk II lineup was about to reform.

Presently Roger Glover continues to make excellent music with Deep Purple and they are still playing concerts to sell out crowds all around the globe. Their fan base is growing bigger and bigger each year and live they are better than ever. Roger Glover himself is solid as a rock on stage and one of the highlights for me at every concert is to see him play with that incredibly tight groove. The song Hey Cisco from the excellent Perpendicular album is a good example of that, especially live.



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