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Duane Eddy severed his relationship with Gretsch when Fender took over distribution. Consequently there are no more Gretsch Duane Eddy Guitars being made ever again.  Which is a real loss because The Duane Eddy Model was one of the stepped up versions and will most definitely be a collectable very valuable guitar. The guitar was introduced in 1997 and by the time they were just starting to ramp up production the model was discontinued.

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Gretsch Introduces 6120 Duane Eddy Electric Guitar

July 11, 1997

Forty years after Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Duane Eddy purchased his first Gretsch guitar in Phoenix, the Gretsch Duane Eddy 6120 electric guitars are being introduced by Fred Gretsch Enterprises. Two Duane Eddy models are faithful reproductions of Duane's classic 1957 6120.


"My '57 red Gretsch has been part of the Duane Eddy sound since the day I got it," explained Duane. "I still have that guitar and it's still my #1 instrument. We have worked hard to make sure that these new guitars are as close as we can get to that old classic."

The Gretsch Duane Eddy 6120 incorporates many of the design features of the early Gretsch 6120 models. Single coil DynaSonicTM pickups provide a sharp, clear tone and are identical to the guitar's original DeArmond pickups. Even the Bigsby tailpiece is authentic to the era, bringing back a Bigsby handle not available since the 1950's.

"We are delighted to have a Gretsch guitar with Duane's name and stamp of approval on it. It has been a long time coming and we are thrilled," stated Fred Gretsch, president of Fred Gretsch Enterprises. "We are very selective with the artists we work with at Gretsch. An artist must have a longtime visibility with a brand for an artist instrument to be viable. With Duane, forty years of playing Gretsch makes the Duane Eddy model a natural."

Two distinctive finishes will be available for this guitar. A new Gretsch finish, Ebony Burst, has a gray to black tone which highlights the guitar's mix of gold and silver hardware. Of course, it will also be available in Gretsch Orange.

The Duane Eddy 6120 also has an ebony fingerboard with humped-block inlay, headstock with the Gretsch horseshoe logo, and brass nut. Electronics include two DynaSonicTM pickups, pickup selector switch, master volume and tone controls, individual pickup volume controls. The guitar's body is 16" wide and 3" deep. The Gretsch Duane Eddy models G6120-DE (ebony burst) and G6120-DEO (orange finish) will be available September, 1997 with a suggested retail price of $4500.


Body: Wood: Laminated maple top and back, bound with white/black purfling and f-holes. Sides: Laminated (7 ply) maple.

Finishes: Gretsch Orange and Ebony Burst, urethane.

Hardware: Gold-plated brass knobs, switches, strap knobs.

Pickups: Two gold-plated DynaSonicTM pickups.

Electronics: Master volume; two pickup volume; master tone; pickup selection switch.

Bridge: Space control bridge.

Tailpiece: Bigsby vibrato with flat bar. Size: 16" wide, 3" deep. Single cutaway.

Neck Scale: 24 1/2".
Joint: Set in body. Joins body at 14th fret.
Wood: Rock maple.
Fingerboard: Bound ebony with humped block markers.
Frets: 22 Nickel silver.
Nut: Brass.
Tuners: Gold-plated enclosed high gear ratio.
Headstock: Horseshoe, engraved truss rod cover.
Other: Adjustable truss rod.

Gold name plate with serial number.


Duane Eddy's instrumental hits from the late '50s can sound unduly basic and repetitive (especially when taken all at once), but he was vastly influential. Perhaps the most successful instrumental rocker of his time, he may have also been the man most responsible (along with Chuck Berry) for popularizing the electric rock guitar. His distinctively low, twangy riffs could be heard on no less than 15 Top Forty hits between 1958 and 1963. He was also one of the first rock stars to successfully crack the LP market.

Duane Eddy was born in Corning, New York, in 1938. Eddy started playing the guitar at age five and moved with his family to Phoenix, Arizona area at thirteen. At sixteen he dropped out of high school, obtained a Chet Atkins model Gretsch guitar, performing locally, and met multi-instrumentalist Al Casey in 1955. It was while playing with Casey's group, that Eddy devised the technique of playing lead on his guitar's bass strings to produce a low, reverberant "twangy" sound.

In 1957 Eddy met Lee Hazlewood, an Arizona disc jockey who wrote songs and published music. By the late '50s, Hazlewood had branched out into production and had his own recording studio Before Duane began recording, his principal influence had been Chet Atkins, but at Hazlewood's suggestion, he started concentrating on guitar lines at the lower end of the strings. His opening riff of his debut single, "Movin' and Groovin'," cowritten with Hazelwood, would be lifted for the Beach Boys five years later to open "Surfin' U.S.A."  The song was sent to Dick Clark and Eddy was signed to a contract with Jamie Records. It was the next 45, "Rebel Rouser," that would really break him as a national star, reaching the Top Ten in 1958. Opening with a down-and-dirty, heavily echoed guitar riff, it remains the tune with which he's most often identified.Duane Eddy,  Gretsch Guitars,  Ed Roman Guitars Las Vegas

Eddy's phenomenally successful run of hits over the next few years was to some extent a variation on the "Rebel Rouser" theme. With cowboy whoops from the backup band helping driving things along, they weren't nearly as innovative as work of Link Wray during the same era, but they were much more popular. The singles -- "Peter Gunn," "Cannonball," "Shazam," and "Forty Miles of Bad Road" were probably the best -- also did their part to help keep the raunchy spirit of rock & roll alive, during a time in which it was in danger of being watered down. Much of that raunch was not solely due to Eddy himself, but to the honking sax solos of Steve Douglas, who would go on to become one of the top session players in the industry. Duane would have his biggest hit, however, in 1960, when he sweetened the twang with strings for the movie theme "Because They're Young."

Eddy's records were also huge influences on legions of budding guitar players. In England, the Shadows no doubt took Eddy as one of their chief inspirations for their spare, moody sound, as one listen to their most famous hit, "Apache," makes obvious. More subtly, his influence can also be heard in the work of George Harrison. For evidence, listen to the growling riffs that decorate the verse of "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

Eddy started to lose momentum in the early '60s, and left Hazelwood and the Jamie label in 1962 for the much bigger RCA. There he had a moderate hit with instrumental version of " The Palladin Ballad," the theme from the CBS television western Have Gone Will Travel, in which he also appeared  "(Dance with the) Guitar Man," which featured an atypical chorus of female chorus dubbed the Rebelettes (actually Darlene Love and the Blossoms), would be his last Top 20 hit that same year. His albums -- often based on loose themes, like A Million Dollars Worth of Twang, Twisting with Duane Eddy, and Surfing with Duane Eddy -- kept him afloat to some degree. But his style doggedly refused evolution, although scattered cuts indicate he was capable of abandoning the twang for more bluesy or straight-out rock sounds.

The British Invasion wiped Duane out commercially, although he recorded intermittently for RCA, Colpix, and Reprise through the '60s with little success. Eddy appeared in a straight dramatic role in the 1968 motorcycle movie The Savage Seven and later moved to California. He backed B.J. Thomas's 1972 hit "Rock and Roll Lullaby" and produced Phil Everly's 1973 album Star Spangled Springer.  He moved to Lake Tahoe in 1976 and had a British-only hit with " Play Me Like You Would Play Your Guitar" in 1975 and a country only hit with "You Are My Sunshine," backed by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.

Eddy returned to live performing in 1983, backed by Ry Cooder and Steve Douglas In 1986, he enjoyed a brief comeback when the Art of Noise built their "Peter Gunn" hit around his guest contributions; Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ry Cooder, and Jeff Lynne all helped produce a 1987 album. It's that run of late-'50s and early-'60s hits, though, for which he'll principally be remembered.

Duane Eddy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994


Duane Eddy & Seymour Duncan

With Seymour Duncan 2002                   His Most Famous Pose                   Teenage Idol





Duane Eddy's Incredible Discography

Label Number Title Date
EB X. Preston 212 Soda Fountain Girl/I Want Some Lovin' Baby(VocalW/Jimmy Delbridge & Buddy Long's Western Melody Boys) 1956
Ford 500 Ramrod/Caravan 1957
Jamie 1101 Moovin 'N' Groovin'/Up & Down 1958
  1104 Rebel Rouser/Stalkin 1958
  1109 Ramrod/The Walker 1958
  1111 Cannonball/Mason Dixon Lion 1958
  1117 The Lonely One/Detour 1959
  1122 Yep!/Three-Thirty Blues 1959
  1126 Forty Miles of Bad Road/ Quiet Three 1959
  1130 Some Kinda Earthquake/First Love, First Tears 1959
  1144 Bonnie Came Back/Lost Island 1960
  1151 Shazam!/The Secret Seven 1960
  1156 Because They're Young/Rebel Walk 1960
  1163 Kommotion/Theme For Moon Children 1960
  1168 Peter Gunn/Along The Navajo Trail 1960
  1175 Pepe/Lost Friend 1961
  1183 Theme From Dixie/Gidget Goes Hawaiian 1961
  1187 Ring of Fire/Bobbie 1961
  1195 Drivin' Home/Tammy 1961
  1200 My Blue Heaven/Along Came Linda 1961
Gregmark 5 Caravan/Caravan Pt.2 1961
Jamie 1206 The Avenger/Londonderry Air 1961
  1209 Trambone/The Battle 1962
  1224 Runaway Pony/Just Because 1962
RCA 7999 Deep In The Heart of Texas/Saints "&" Sinners 1962
  8047 Ballad of Paladin/The Wild Westerner 1962
  8087 (Dance With The) Guitar Man/Stretchin' Out 1962
  8131 Boss Guitar/Desert Rat 1963
  8180 Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar/Joshin' 1963
  8214 Your Baby's Gone Surfin'/Shuckin' 1963
  8276 Son of Rebel Rouser/Story of Three Loves 1964
  8335 Guitar Child/Jerky Jalopy 1964
  8376 Water Skiing/Theme From “A Summer Place” 1964
  8442 Guitar Star/The Iguana 1964
  8507 Moonshot/Roughneck 1965
Colpix 779 Trash/South Phoenix 1965
  788 Don't Think Twice/House of The Rising Sun 1965
  795 El Rancho Grande/Poppa's Movin' On 1966
Reprise 0504 Daydream/This Guitar Was Made For Twangin' 1966
  0557 Monsoon/Roarin' 1967
  0622 Guitar On My Mind/Wicked Woman From Wickenburg 1967
  0662 This Town/There Is A Mountain 1968
  0690 Niki Hoeky/Velvet Nights 1968
Congress 6010 Freight Train/Put A Little Love In Your Heart 1970
Uni 55237 5:17/Something 1970
Big Tree 157 Renegade/Nightly News 1972
Elektra E-45359 You Are My Sunshine(W/Deed & Friends)/From 8 To 7 1977
Gusto GT4-2047 Rebel Rouser/40 Miles Of Bad Road(Re-Recording) 1979
China VS442986 Peter Gunn(W/Art Of Noise)/Somehing Always Happens 1986
Capital B-44018 Spies/Rockabilly Holiday 1987
Quality QGT-272X Because They're Young/Rebel Rouser 1977
U.K. Only
RCA 1369 Guitar'd "&" Feathered/My Baby plays That Same Song.... 1963
CBS 3962 Break My Mind/Loving Bird (Vocals by Duane) 1969
GTO GT 11 Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar/Blue Montana Sky 1975
  GT 25 The Man With The Gold Guitar/The Mark of Zorro 1975
Target 101 Love Confusion/Love Is A Warm Emotion 1975
Fifth Avenue (Tape) CAS 104 Because They're Young/Forty Miles Of Bad Road(Re-Recording) 1977
Capital CL 463 Rockestra Theme/Blue City 1987
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eb&flo Free MP3 Merry Christmas 2005
Selected EPs
Jamie JEP100 Duane Eddy 1959
  JEP301 Detour 1959
  JEP302 Yep! 1959
  JEP303 Shazam' 1960
  JEP304 Because They're Young 1960
London (UK) REW 1175 Rebel Rouser  
  REW 1216 The Lonely One  
  REW 1217 Yep!  
  REW 1252 Because They're Young  
  REW 1257 Twangy  
  REW 1287 Pepe  
  REW 1303 Plays Movie Themes  
  REW 1341 Twangy No. 2  
RCA (UK) RCX 7115 A Country Twang  
  RCX 7129 Mr. Twang  
  RCX 7146 Twangin' Up A Small Storm  
Colpix (UK) PXE 304 Cottonmouth 1965
RCA (Mexico) MKE-600 Duane Eddy (Titles In "Spanish") 1965
12'' Singles
China 4V9 42992 Peter Gunn W/Art Of Noise 1986
China (U.K.) WOKR 6 Peter Gunn W/Art Of Noise (The "Twang Mix") 1986
Capital V-15307 Spies/Rockabilly Holiday 1987
Capital (U.K.) 12CL 463 Rockestra Theme/Blue City 1987
Albums (Selected)
Jamie 3000 Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel 1958
  3006 Especially For You 1959
  3009 The “Twangs The Thang” 1960
  3011 Songs of Our Heritage 1960
  3014 $1,000,000 Worth of Twang. 1960
  3019 Girls! Girls! Girls! 1961
  3021 1,000,000 Worth of Twang. Vol.2 1962
  3022 Twistin' With Duane Eddy 1962
  3024 Surfing With Duane Eddy 1963
  3025 Duane Eddy In Person 1963
  3026 Duane Eddy's 16 Greatest Hits 1964
RCA 2525 Twistin' 'N' Twangin' 1962
  2576 Twangy Guitar, Silky Strings 1962
  2648 Dance With The Guitar Man 1963
  2681 Twang A Country Song 1963
  2700 Twangin' Up A Storm 1963
  2798 Lonely Guitar 1964
  2918 Water Skiing 1964
  2993 Twangin' The Golden Hits 1964
  3432 Twangsville 1965
  3477 The Best of Duane Eddy 1966
Colpix 490 Duane A Go Go 1965
  494 Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan 1965
Reprise 6218 The Biggest Twang of Them All Tracks 1966
  6240 The Roarin' Twangies Tracks 1967
  SJET 7915 Tokyo Hits(Japan Only) Tracks 1967
Sire 3707 The Vintage Years Tracks 1975
RCA ANL1-2671 Pure Gold(Same As Best Of Duane Eddy) 1978
RCA (Special Products) PDL2-1161 Rebel Guitar Man 1987
Capital ST-12567 Duane Eddy 1987
Tape Only
accord 4XJ-7922 A Tribute To Bob Dylan (8 tracks from the Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan LP.) 1982
U.K. (Selected)
Valiant VS108 Biggest Twang Of Them All 1966
GTO GTLP002 Guitar Man Tracks 1975
London DLL W 5003/4 Duane Eddy-Legend Of Rock 1975
PICKWICK SHM 947 Guitar Man (Same as GTO LP) 1978
RCA CAMDEN PDA 043 The Duane Eddy Collection 1978
Ronco RTL2035 The Greatest Hits Of Duane Eddy (Re-Recordings) 1979
RCA INTS 5056 Twenty Terrific “Twangies” 1980
Cambra CR 065 The Fabulous Duane Eddy 1982
EMI MFP 5777 Guitar Man 1986
Charly CR30254 Boss Twang(5 Rare Tracks in stereo) Something, 5:17, Freight Train, Put A Little Love In Your Heart, (“Duane's Stroll” was credited to The Keymen, but actually Duane Eddy) 1986
Reprise 24027 Tokyo Hits 1977
Germany (
London LS 3187/1-2 Duane Eddy-The Legends Of Rock 1973
London LS 3259/1-2 Duane Eddy-The Legends Of Rock Vol.2 1974
London LS 3281/1-2 Duane Eddy-The Legends Of Rock (Rare Items)Vol.3   1974
OutLine OLLP 5229 Especially For You 1982
OutLine OLLP 5237 Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel 1982
OutLine OLLP 5241 Girls! Girls! Girls! 1982
OutLine OLLP 5245 Songs Of Our Heritage 1982
OutLine OLLP 5249 The Twangs The Thang 1982
OutLine OLLP 5252 Because They're Young 1983
OutLine OLLP 5273 Duane Eddy "&" The Rebels (Special White Vinyl LP) 1983
OutLine OLLP 5279 The Greatest Hits Of Duane Eddy 1983
OutLine LDLP 8015 1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang 1983
RCA NL89246-2 Duane Eddy Forever 1984
Selected CDs
Motown MCD 08058MD Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel/$1,000,000 Worth Of Twang 1986
  MCD 06218MD Command Performances 1986
  MOTD-5424 $1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang 1986
  MOTD 5431 Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel (“Loving You” omitted) 1986
Capital CDP 7 46897 Duane Eddy-His Twangy Guitar   1987
Prima (U.K.) PXCD 105 20 Greatest Hits Same as Ronco LP) 1987
RCA-Diamond Series(Germany) CD 90119 Duane Eddy 1988
RCA (Australia) BPDCD5032 Twangin The Golden Hits 1990
EMI (UK) CDP7965572 Twangy Peaks 1991
TNT(Bootleg) CD 7915/6218 Tokyo Hits/Biggest Twang Of Them All 1992
RCA (U.K.) 74321 12701 2 Best Of The RCA Years 1993
BMG(Germany) 74321 12699 2-Gether-On-1 Vol.1/Dance With The Guitar Man/Twangsville 1993
  74321 1700 2 2-Gether-On-1 Vol.2/Twistin 'N' Twangin'/Twangin' Up A Storm 1993
  74321 25960 2 2-Gether-On-1 Vol.3/Twangy Guitar, Silky Strings/Lonely Guitar 1993
  74321 23961 2 2-Gether-On-1 Vol.4/Twang A Country Song/Water Skiing 1993
RHINO R2 71223 Twang Thang (Box Set 2 CDs) 1993
Bear Family ) BCD 15702AH That Classic Twang 1994
  BCD 15799AH Especially For You/Girls! Girls! Girls! 1994
  BCD 15807AM The Twangs The Thang/Songs Of Our Heritage 1994
  BCD 15778EK Twangin' From Phoenix To L.A. (Box Set 5 CDs-Jamie tracks) 1994
Sony A 24200 Duane Eddy-Rebel Rouser 1994
See For Miles (UK) SEECD 417 Duane Eddy-His Twangy Guitar (Same as 1987 Capital CD) 1995
Curb D2-77801 (Ghostrider) Great Guitar Hits   1996
One Way Records OW 34541 Best Of Duane Eddy/Lonely Guitar 1998
  OW 34542 Dance With The Guitar Man/Twistin' 'N' Twangin' 1998
  OW 34543 Twangin' The Golden Hits/Twang A Country Song 1998
  OW 34544 Twangin' Up A Storm/Twangsville 1998
  OW 34545 Twangy Guitar/Water Skiing 1998
Valmark 1159 Rebel Rouser (Contains 1979 Ronco LP Tracks) 1998
Collectables COL-CD-6222 Duane A Go-Go/Duane Does Dylan   1998
Jamie/Guyden 4007-2 Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel (W/Bonus Tracks)   1999
Pulse ( U.K.) PLS CD 309 MR. Twangy Guitar (Same as 1979 Ronco LP) 1999
Wea/Atlantic/Curb 77945 Best Of Duane Eddy (Same as Great Guitar Hits) 1999
Prism (UK) 562863 18 Greatest Hits 1999
Bear Family BCD 16271 Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville (Box Set 6 CDs-RCA tracks)   1999
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Jamie/Guyden 4016 The Twangs The Thang (W/Bonus Tracks)   2001
BMG (Germany)   Dance With The Guitar Man 2001
Collectables CD-7500 The Biggest Twang Of Them All / The Roaring Twangies   2002
Jamie/Guyden 4026 Songs Of Our Heritage (W/Bonus Tracks) 2004


Sessions With Other Artists

Label & Number Artist/Song Year
Tee Gee 104
Jamie 1103
Mark Robinson (Lee Hazlewood)/"Pretty Jane"/"Want Me" 1958
Jamie 1107 Sanford Clark/"Sing' Em Some Blues"/"Still As The Night" 1958
Jamie 1108 The Sharps/"Have Love Will Travel"/"Look At Me" 1958
REV 45-3516 The Three Teens/"Dear 53310761"/"Doowaddie" 1958
Guyden 2001 Donnie Owens/"Need You"/"If I'm Wrong" 1958
Jamie 1128 Ray Sharpe/"Linda Lu" 1959
Jamie 1158 Lee Hazlewood/"Girl On Death Row"/"Words Mean nothing" 1960
Jamie 1186 Mirriam Johnson/"Lonesome Road"/"Young & Innocent" 1961
Jamie 1193 Mirriam Johnson/"Making Believe"/"I Cried Long Enough" 1961
Scepter B.J. Thomas/"Rock & Roll Lullaby" 1972
RCA DJBO-0064(APBO-0064) Phil Everly/"God Bless Older Ladies"/"Sweet Grass Country"(This is a Promo-Not For Sale Single-From the “Star Spangled Springer” LP- Produced by Duane) 1973
Bell Kin Vassey/"The Bayou Song" 1974
GTO GT26 Scott Fitzgerald/"Never Too Young To Rock" 1975
Warner Bros. Emmylou Harris/"I Had My Heart Set On You" 1986
Rhythm Safari (Tape) Foreigner/"Until The End Of Time" 1995
Albums Artist/Title/Song
ABC 288 “Dance With Dick Clark”Vol.2(Credited to The Keymen but actually Duane Eddy)/"Duane's Stroll" 1961
RCA LSP 4774 Nancy Sinatra/“Woman”/"One More Time" 1972
RCA APL10092 Phil Everly/"Star Spangled Springer"/Duane also produced LP. 1973
RCA APL1 2979 Waylon Jennings/“I've Always Been Crazy”/Duane Produced Buddy Holly Medley 1979
Fantasy F-9632 Steve Douglas/King Cobra/"Sashay" 1984
Warner Bros. Emmylou Harris/Thirteen/"I Had My Heart Set On You" 1986
Reptile RR1010 J.D. McFadden/Stand And Cast A Shadow 1986
Reptile RR2020 Susan Marshall/Don't Play Innocent With Me 1986
Compact Discs/Tapes
Chrysalis VK 41567 Re-Works Of Art Of Noise/"Peter Gunn"(12'' Version) 1986
China 835 806-2 The Art Of Noise/Invisible Silence/"Peter Gunn" 1988
China 837 367-2 The Best Of Art Of Noise/"Peter Gunn"(Twang Mix) 1988
Columbia FCT 45331(Tape) Next Of Kin (Soundtrack)"Wailin' Sax" 1989
RCA Foster & Lloyd/Version of the Truth "Whoa" 1990
High Windy Audio 125 David Holt/Grandfathers Greatest Hits 1991
Bear Family 15549 Sanford Clark/The Fool 1992
Polydor 517 148 Hank Marvin/Into The Light/"Pipeline" 1992
Blue Plate BPM 300-4 Arlen Roth/“Tooln' Around”/"Black Water" 1993
Uni/Interscope 92460 Natural Born Killers (Soundtrack)"The Trembler" 1994
Sony Music 66329 Forrest Gump (Soundtrack) "Rebel Rouser" 1994
Mercury 314-522-639-2 Red Hot Country/W/Carl Perkins/Mavericks ("Match Box") 1995
Sugar Hill 3836 Doc Watson/Docabilly 1995
Milan 35744-2 Broken Arrow (Soundtrack) 1996
GNP Crescendo 2259 The Ventures/New Depths/"Spanish Armada"/"I Fought The Law" 1998
BMG/Buddah 99669 Waylon Jennings/This Time (Some Duane Eddy involvement.) 1999
? Jim Horn/Christmas with Jim Horn/"What Child is This" 1999
JRP Records/JRP-CD-001 Paul Zarzyski/Words Growing Wild/"Monte Carlo Express"/"Bucking Horse Moon" 1999
? Jim Horn/A Beatles Tribute/"We Can Work It Out" 2000
Dreamcatcher #6 Kenny Rogers/There You Go Again/"I Won't Forget" 2000
Jamie/Guyden 4017 The Twang Gang (Duane plays guitar on some tracks) 2001
Howling Wood Records Doyle Dykes/Country Fried Pickin '(Duane plays on "Duane Thang" & "Three Little Miracles") 2002
Wea International Nancy Sinatra / Nancy \ Lee 3(Duane Co-Wrote & plays on "She Won't") 2004
Rounder Records 82161-6109-2 Jimmy Sturr/Rock 'N Polka (Duane plays on "Rebel Rouser" / "Since I Met You Baby" & "The Great Pretender" 2004
Universal/Decca Cliff Richard / Something's Goin' On (Duane plays on "For Life" 2004
? Chris Rice / Amusing Duane plays on "Prelude" & "Love Like Crazy" 2005
Rounder Records 11661-6111-2 Jimmy Sturr / Shake Rattle and Polka (Duane plays on "Detour" / "Unchained Melody" & "I Walk The Line" 2005
CGD Music Muriel Anderson / Wildcat (Duane plays on the title track "Wildcat" 2006
Sequel NEM CD 923 Leapin' Guitars (Rockin' Roulette Instros). Includes 2 Tracks-"El Rancho Grande"/"Poppa's Movin' On" 1997
Varese Sarabande VSD-6009 Discoveries Presents Stereo Instrumental Oldies. Includes A Special Stereo Mix Of “Rebel Rouser” 1999



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