CC Deville - Poison 

C.C. DeVille was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He remembers with fondness the first time he saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and attributes that performance with his budding interest in music. He was always interested in music from that point on, and began to learn the guitar at a young age.

It didnít take long for people to notice C.C. Not only did he have the creative touch with almost everything he did, he had a high energy level and look that got him noticed in any crowd. He ended up traveling from his hometown in New York to L.A., and he joined various bands before audition for Poison.

The rest of Poison was already in place when C.C. joined, and they knew he was the right guitarist for the band. For the next decade, Poison was one of the hottest bands going. With their debut album, Look What the Cat Dragged In, they captured the glam and cheesiness of the metal scene in L.A. The album sold millions of copies and went platinum.

In 1988, Poison released Open Up and Say Ahh!, and again, it was the pinnacle of success. 1990 brought Poisonís release of Flesh and Blood, but by then it was apparent that C.C. had a terrible problem with cocaine and the music wasnít up to par. And, with the rise of grunge music hailing from the Northwest, bands like Poison were finding it hard to compete with the music that was the opposite of what theyíd been doing for more than ten years. It caused friction in the band, and C.C. ended up leaving Poison for a brief time.

 C.C. did some solo work for the Son-In-Law soundtrack, as well as joining a band called Needle Park. In 1996, however, Poison had a full-fledged reunion, with a tour and album. The reunion kept Poison and C.C. busy for the rest of the millennium, and Poison is still headlining tours. Out of all of the bands of the 80ís, Poison is one of the only bands left that still get headlining tours.  Aside from Poison,

C.C. has formed a side band he called The Stepmothers, but they have since changed their name to Samantha 7. The band even got a gig at Woodstock 1999. Poison is still touring, and C.C. DeVille is being thrust into the spotlight again with the resurgence of all things 80ís.

This picture of CC shows him with a Custom Made V Guitar  "Builder Unknown"

Many Rock stars will use small builders because most of them refuse to play on "Off the Rack" production made guitar. If you see Slash playing a Les Paul or Billy Gibbons playing what looks like an Explorer. Be aware they both own hundreds of lookalike guitars. (It's kinda like the same scam as Tiger Woods "Nike Cap" that never comes off of his head,





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