Rick Derringer 


From Hang On Sloopy to Rock & Roll Hootchie-coo


Rick Derringer, is an extremely gifted, multitalented, guitarist, singer, songwriter, engineer, producer, and all around great musician. I first heard Rick when he was 14 years old on cuts like Hang on Sloopy & Fever, by the McCoys.  Then I saw him at numerous rock festivals and concerts playing with everyone who was anyone.  He has produced, Cyndi Lauper, Weird Al Yankovic and many others. He has written numerous hit songs and his discography reads like an encyclopedia.

I have known Rick for many years, We first met at an AES show, he came up to me and was asking about PA cabinets.  Eventually the conversation got around to guitars and Rick recommended I contact a small luthier in California who was building great guitars.

That luthier was Bernie Rico Sr and the rest is history. I promoted BC Rich and helped to build the BC Rich empire, Years later I actually owned BC Rich for several years.

Rick & his Gorgeous Wife stopped in to see me at the new Vegas showroom.

Rick fell in love with this beautiful LSR RB1. We had to install some custom electronics for him but otherwise he took it completely stock.

This model comes in over 36 beautiful body shapes and is available in over 100 different colors and you can order it made from any kind of wood.

Rick with his Ed Roman LSR Guitar 2002


I especially want to thank Rick for using a guitar that I built him back in 2002 on the cover of his latest album.


Long Live Rick Derringer

Ed Roman


Rick Now with His Ed Roman Pearlcaster               Rick Then with his BC Rich Mockingbird Koa


Rick always played the coolest guitars in the world. In fact it was Rick, who first introduced me to BC Rich Guitars & Bernie Rico way back in the 70's.  I became the Worlds largest BC Rich dealer and I think I have held that title for close to 30 years.

Ed Roman


Rick with his Ed Roman Pearlcaster 2001


That even funnier lookin' guy is AJ Heady one of my web geeks,

I would have used a photo with me in it but I'm the funniest lookin' one of all of us.


As usual Rick was one of the first to adopt new technology.

Rick was one of the original Steinberger endorsers.

LSR guitars are reminiscent of Ned Steinbergers designs, so Naturally Rick had to have one.


Rick has been on so many magazine covers you could wallpaper a room with them.

Rick "Baby Face" Derringer "Teen Idol"

  Custom Explorer Shaped Guitar Made by Charlie Lobue  

Rick picked up this beautiful D'Angelico New Yorker on his last visit to Vegas.

D'Angelico also built him a custom smaller bodied model. I hope to be able to deliver it to him soon.  Rick is one of the lucky few people who own an original D'Angelico. However he prefers the new one to the original.

Ed Roman






 I went to Catholic school through the eighth grade. They taught me many good things. They told me I could go to the confessional and ask for forgiveness. Most often the priest would tell me to say six "Our Fathers" and six "Hail Marys" for the repentance of my sins. But he didn't stress that I shouldn't sin in the first place, and he didn't encourage me to say thank you to the Lord!

In 1962 I began secular public high school and started a "garage band" called The McCoys. That's also the year I started thinking less about the Lord.     The McCoys got better musically and in 1965, the year of my graduation, I recorded a song called "Hang On Sloopy". That period was called Beatlemania. It was also remembered as the summer of love - but it wasn't the love of Jesus that they were talking about. The world had discovered psychedelic drugs. People had fallen in love with marijuana and LSD.   It took me a little while but, playing music at pop festivals and love-ins, I was eventually encouraged to begin taking drugs myself.

I was overwhelmed with success in the music business and getting farther and farther from the Lord. I had forgotten where my talent came from in the first place. I'd forgotten who it was that blessed me with all that success. So, once again I didn't say thank you to the Lord.   By all earthly standards, I was very successful. My records were selling like hot cakes! I played on the entire 1966 American tour of the "Rolling Stones". I played music with John Lennon. I became friends and jammed with Jimi Hendrix and, later, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I played on most of the records by "Steeley Dan", recorded with Barbra Streisand, and began writing and touring with Cyndi Lauper. Duane Allman of the "Allman Brothers" band told me that my guitar playing influenced him to play slide guitar. I have to admit, though, that some of the people I worked with seemed pretty ungodly - people like "Kiss" and Alice Cooper. I was getting farther and farther from the Lord.

I knew there was something missing in my life. I checked out other ways of thinking, Buddhism and Taoism. Ravi Shankar introduced us to the sitar and to meditation.  That's about the time I started drinking a little too much, and in that weakened state I began taking cocaine. I also became a friend with Mylon Lefevre; but did we pray together? No, we took cocaine and smoked pot. We were both lost together!  By earthly standards, I was still becoming more successful.  I discovered Weird Al Yancovic and started producing hit records for him. I won two Grammys for those records, but I was also involved with a wife who encouraged me to take even more drugs.  My life began falling apart. Why? Because I had forgotten the Lord.

It all came to a head around 1997; and even though my troubles at that time seemed overwhelming, I finally remembered there is someone to turn to Our Savior, the Lord, Jesus Christ.
I got down on my knees and started praying. I asked forgiveness. I asked for advice. I asked for Divine guidance and help. The Lord keeps His promises.  Ask and you shall receive. He gave me the answers I needed and the strength to do what I had to do. But, you know what? Although I still hadn't said thank you, the Lord didn't give up on me. He had a plan for me. He has a plan for us all.

It was at that time the Lord sent someone to help me right here on earth, for the rest of my life. Her name is Jenda. She has become my wife. Jenda reminded me, finally, to say thank you to the Lord. Jenda said, "Rick, you've got to be reborn," and she took me to the river to be baptized. I was washed of my sins and began a relationship with Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior.
I have come to realize that the Lord allowed me to survive drugs, alcohol and sins of the flesh so that I can stand here today as an example. A living, breathing example for all of you who think there's no way out; for all of you who think you're trapped in your addictions. The Lord can fix it all! He can bless you with the strength to beat any addiction. He died on the cross for your sins and gave you the opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven.

Now you and I have a debt to repay. Say thank you to the Lord. Ask him for his forgiveness and ask him to come into your life. He will be there before you can finish the prayer.


The Lord loves you.
You are important to the Lord.
Share your life with Him so that you too can be a Christ filled example for others.




Commentary By Ed Roman   

I've known Rick Derringer for many years, I think I first met him in the 70's, I have seen him perform with Edgar & Johnny, I played the "Johnny Winter And" record until the grooves wore out.  I have seen him year after year decade after decade.  Whatever he's doing now is amazing because his act is heads and tails better than I've ever seen him. At the Dallas guitar show he was totally outa-site. His chops were the best I've ever seen, His attitude is the most positive I've ever seen, his demeanor & attitude is so up that I feel I must comment.


Rick has always been very friendly & approachable, he will talk to any one who starts a conversation with him, He has always been a real gentleman and a nice person even through the years he considers to be his "Bad Years". I'm sure everyone has good & bad days, but I must say Rick is definitely on the fast track to upsville. He is playing better, He is singing better, His band is better, his whole look is better and I congratulate him on conquering his demons and leading the new life he has carved out for himself.

I especially want to thank Rick for using a guitar that I built him back in 2002 on the cover of his latest album.


Long Live Rick Derringer

Ed Roman





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