Paul Crook

Abstract Guitars,     Rockingbird,      Star Model ,     Vampires Tooth
Quicksilver Guitars J Frog Glock 22 Guitars
Ed Roman Pearlcaster Guitars  Juvenile Delinquent

Ed Roman Guitars


Paul's  Quicksilver Guitar w/ Floyd Rose and a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge position.



Paul Crook Meatloaf Rig with his Custom Abstract Vampire Tooth





Paul Crook's  Beck, "Dragon's Kiss" Xtreme Metal Guitar

Incredible News for Beck Guitar Fans !!!!

Dwayne Becknell Makes History

Prices go down radically, Quality improves dramatically !!

You don't see that everyday!! In fact you don't see that any day.

Ed Roman

Another One Of Ed's Creations in Paul's Hands




Paul Crook With Quicksilver




The Meat Man using an Ed Roman Pearlcaster Guitar, Live at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.



Paul Crook has one of these also. But Paul uses his Abstract Rockingbird and Quicksilver the most.


 Paul Crook Lands Coveted  Guitar Slot For Queen’s Smash Hit Musical, 

“We Will Rock You”!

Bridgewater, New Jersey, April 5, 2004- Paul Crook, lead guitarist for renowned acts such as Meat Loaf, Sebastian Bach and Anthrax, has been chosen by Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor as the (Seat 1) guitar player for their lavish rock musical “We Will Rock You”. The show, playing to sell-out crowds since it opened in London in May 2002 and featuring many of Queen’s greatest hits opens in Sin City at Paris Las Vegas in September.


“For a guitar player, it doesn’t get much better than this gig”, says Paul. “And being a huge Queen fan, the opportunity to play Queen songs and Brian May’s solos every day in a Las Vegas production is surreal and incredibly exciting.” Paul continues, “Being selected by Brian and Roger is truly an honor and I am committed to representing the music of Queen and the legendary talent of Brian at the highest of standards... they deserve nothing less.”

Brian May, having announced the Las Vegas band line-up on his website (, calls Paul “…hugely fluid and juicy as a player (hope those are suitable epithets!) very tasteful and very modest as a person.”


With rehearsals for “We Will Rock You" not set to begin for a few months, Paul will take a much needed break after being on the road for the past year with Meat Loaf, who just completed his “Last World Tour”. Shows in Australia, including performances accompanied by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra were recorded and will be released on DVD and CD later this year.

**Mon 12 Apr 04**


That Sound

“That sound! Who is, what is that sound?!” That’s me talking, just a young guitar playing kid in New Jersey. My friend answers: “That’s Brian May. The band is called Queen.” The song playing was "Brighton Rock". I’ll never forget the feeling I got that one day back in ‘80. The feeling was that of disbelief, amazement and inspiration.

24 years later I’m still in amazement whenever I hear a Queen song on the radio. Like the tide being shifted by the moon I find myself being pulled in by Brian May’s passion. He shakes so much feeling out of each note. It’s ridiculous; every one of his notes makes my head shake in awe.




Paul Crook Original Model Rockingbird 2003




Paul Crook Quicksilver Guitars


Paul at the Top of the Pops with his Custom Ed Roman  J Frog Guitar 1999

16.2 Million Viewers

Hey Ed,

Hope you're well.  I've attached a photo of me with my J. FROG. It was taken at the TOP OF THE POPS TV show in Germany. We had over 5 million viewers for this performance. I'm sending another one from WETTEN DAS. That performance had 16.2 million viewers. It's the biggest show in Europe.





Paul Crook & Brian May stopped by recently, Paul bought Brian one our Solid Korina RVC Guitars

Brian was flipping out over it so Paul gave me his credit card and said to pack it up and hide it from sight.

Paul sprang it on Brian on the limo ride back to the hotel  !!!

Paul never even asked the price of the guitar !!!!.   He just said " Pack it so I can surprise Brian"

Needless To Say, Brian Was Knocked out and will probably be playing it on his upcoming Queen Tour

 Paul Rogers Will Be The Vocalist    (Can't wait to hear that)

Ed Roman building is Brian May a new guitar which is scheduled to be finished in time for his world tour with Queen in March of 2005.  It will resemble the original  "Red Special" and have basically the same designed electronics but the guitar will be much different than the original.

First & foremost this guitar will feature a neck through body construction unlike the glued up original, It will also have the pickups solidly mounted like the original but unlike all the copies which have been spring loaded.  This guitar will utilize the Pearlcaster Tremolo which we have already been using to modify all the guitars for the  "We Will Rock You Show's

This guitar will have a solid Korina body and a Quartersawn solid Korina neck.  It will have an Ebony board instead of the Rosewood original.

This guitar will classify itself as "The Abstract Brian May guitar"  and will only be made available to the public if Brian gives us the OK

It will have a Buzz Feiten Tuning system which Brian really likes.

Ed & Brian are still discussing, Fret Size, Neck Radius, Nut Size, & Inlays but it should be completed in time




Paul riding Sebastian Bach                    Paul with Midi Quicksilver doing a clinic


Scott & Paul endorse Digitech Products


Paul & Charley


Paul & Rob                        Paul & Lars


Paul & Steve                  Paul & Kirk


Paul, Niko, & Friends

Paul likes Quicksilvers as much as Rockingbirds.

Here he is at Guitar Center in New Jersey doing a clinic.

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