Jaime King Colton

Baker Guitar Player



This guitar was created from conception to finish with a lot of thought into what a great guitarist expects from a great guitar. It was love at first play for me! Similar to waking up from a glorious dream of being on stage with a lightning bolt made out of butter. Seeing 50,000 people watch as this Baker melts in my hands, slides off the stage, and drowns everyone in musical ecstasy.

Penny for penny this axe puts PRS to shame. There are some similarities, but when it comes down to it, this is the better buy. Baker guitars quickly become a direct extension of you. They seem to disappear as your playing appears. The smooth sculpting of the rear body, the effortless playable neck, and the harmonic resonance of the pickups add up for the greatest playing ergonomics available today. The craftsmanship is inspiring and speaks of many years of diligent dedication.

Baker takes excitement, color, tone and art combining it into one magical tool for defining magic.

From all of the choices, straight out of the musical oven, I prefer a Baker in my hands.




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