Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

As a result of hyperactivity as a child, Kurt Cobain was medicated much of his young life. He had to take medicine to concentrate on school, and medicine to go to sleep at night. It's no surprise that he became addicted to drugs later in life. Despite his many personal problems, Cobain had an uncanny ability to write catchy radio tunes. As the leader of Nirvana, Cobain helped usher into the mainstream the music that spoke for a generation of kids that were disenchanted with hippies, and yuppies. Playing the guitar from the age of 14, he knew right away that he could express his feelings of loneliness and frustration through the instrument. He developed a style of his own, influenced by the underground punk rock movement that had been growing in the Seattle area. He recruited his friend, Kris Novaselic, and was introduced to Dave Grohl by a member of the Melvins. They released a demo and a couple of singles, but didn't really experience much success until the release of Nirvana's breakthrough album, Nevermind. After this album, success came to Cobain in waves. But nothing satisfied him, and he delved deeper and deeper into his drug addictions. He tried rehab programs to no avail, and his career was cut short by his tragic suicide in 1994.


Kurt Cobain with his right handed Mosrite Vibra Mute Model.


Kurt had to play upside down,  

The Kurt Cobain Mosrite is of course available right handed. Please contact Ed Roman Guitars.

This photograph was provided to us by Dave Fondaw of Michigan.



This instrument is unusual in a couple of ways. It is the only known example of   a Mark IV style Mosrite Gospel model. While Kurt owned and smashed many cheap (usually Univox) copies of Mosrite guitars during his career, this was one of only two actual Mosrites he owned. (The other was damaged and given away.) It was also one of his favorite guitars, which saved it from the usual fate of the instruments he used for live performances. Kurt purchased the guitar in San Francisco in 1990. "According to Earnie [Bailey], 'Kurt had only one Gospel, and this is a beyond rare guitar. At the time Kurt died, I was secretly working with Mosrite to build Kurt a lefty Gospel... in some cool color.' Unfortunately, Kurt passed away as Earnie was gathering photos to send to Mosrite of Kurt's original.    




Kurt Cobain Gospel Mosrite Guitar

April 05, 2004

Icons Auction to Include Cobain's Mosrite Guitar; Note About Auction Estimates

Kurt Cobain's 1960s Mark IV-style Mosrite Gospel Guitar

It's been called the "27 Club". Twenty-seven is the age at which rock legends Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison died.
With his death ten years ago today, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana joined that club.

The upcoming Icons of 20th Century Music auction will include the sale of Cobain's famous Mosrite Gospel guitar.



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