Eric Clapton Guitars
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Clapton Likes Colorful Guitars !!!!!
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Eric Clapton Fool Guitar

Eric Clapton Fool Guitar

Eric Clapton Stratocaster

Eric Clapton Boring Looking Signature Stratocaster


The Crashocaster

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John Mayer Playing His Crashocaster


Eric ClaptonEric Clapton Playing his BC Rich Seagull.

Bernie Rico Sr. told me the story of when this picture appeared in a BC Rich Advertisement in 1976, Fender went ballistic and threatened to sue all concerned parties. BC Rich being a small company didn't fight the Mighty "F".

Eric is only seen these days playing a Fender. My Fender rep told me that Eric Clapton receives a $100.00 royalty on every single Eric Clapton Strat sold.  (This was back in 1994)

I met Eric Clapton in 1970 at a Derek & The Dominoes gig. He gave me a 4 foot autographed poster of him playing a Guild Guitar. 

I will always remember Eric Clapton as my very first guitar hero, back when he played with John Mayall and then with Cream. I will always remember the Psychedelic SG he played and the inspiration it gave me to build custom guitars.

It's too bad Eric mellowed out so much, I am barely a fan these days. He just went too whitebread for me. Ironically the reason he left the Yardbirds in the first place was that he wanted to do something heavier.





Gibson Fool Guitars

Photo of Several Gibson Fool Guitars with recently finished paint jobs.
There are 86 separate and distinct colors. It really pays to paint at least two or three at a time.

Todd Rundgren in the 70's With the Original Fool

 Ed Roman Has Been Recreating the Fool Guitar for close to 30 years
We Have Sold them to The Hard Rock Cafe' Several Of The Hard Rock Casinos
Numerous Collectors & Celebrities
Jack Bruce's Matching Guitar Cream Era

This Is The Very First Fool Guitar I Did Back In The Early 80's
It sits on a shelf behind my desk along with a bunch of other collectables !!!!!
The Album is Autographed by  Eric Jack & Ginger.
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