Eric Burdon - The Animals
 A Tribute From Ed Roman

 Dean's holding and playing an early Pearlcaster.

Eric Burdon Live in Vegas.                 Dean Playing his Pearlcaster. serial # 002


The day Dean picked out his Pearlcaster he played about 30 different guitars in my shop. The guitars in my shop are all pretty nice and he was having an extremely hard time finding the best one. He was consequently an hour late for sound check. He tried about 4 different Pearlcasters and he settled on my own personal Serial # 002. I wasn't using it too much so I decided that I would let it go. He wanted me to change the blue pickguard to white and change the LSR Tuners to Sperzels, He also wanted a special wiring system and Seymour Duncan pickups.

Myself and Rod Miller my shop chief delivered the guitar to him backstage about 10 seconds before the show had to start. We never expected him to use it that night, but he picked it up played a couple of riffs and said "Cool".

Much to our surprise he played the guitar the whole night except for one song. That is a first for me. and I deliver guitars to people regularly at shows like this. Anyway during House of the Rising Sun which was the first song I ever learned to play I was on Cloud 9 seeing my guitar up there with Eric Burdon.

Words cannot describe the feeling !!!!!!!!!

Ed Roman


"Through it all ... one constant companion has never abandoned me ...

 my first true love:  singing. It's been the savior of many a poor boy,

and God I know I'm one."

Eric Burdon


Greatest Recordings According To Ed Roman
There are hundreds more, I am sure I have missed some other great ones

House Of  The Rising Sun Hey Gyp
Don' t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Don't Bring Me Down
It's My Life Help Me Girl
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place See See Rider
Spill The Wine I'm Crying
I'm Mad Boom Boom
No More Elmore Roadhouse Blues
When I was Young San Franciscan Nights
Monterey (Original Version) Sky Pilot
Monterey (Brian Auger Version) I'm Gonna Change The World
Gonna Send You Back To Walker Crawling King Snake
You Got Me Floatin Tobacco Road Recorded With Jimi Hendrix
Paint It Black Maudie
Little Wing Gin House Blues
Roberta The Road
Talkin' 'Bout You In The Night
The Story of Bo Diddley Bury My Body
Over The Border Devil Slide


Animal Facts

Eric's Bass Player "Chas Chandler" discovered Jimi Hendrix and managed his whole career until he died. ( red sweater)

Brian Jones the actual founding member of The Stones, (It was his band) is quoted as saying
 " Eric Burdon is the best blues singer to ever come out of England" 

The Animals were directly 4 weeks after the Beatles with "House of the Rising Sun"
 House was recorded almost live in one morning session after playing a gig all night & leaving for another one before noon. (No Sleep)

Eric was the last person to see Jimi Hendrix alive before he died. 
They were very good friends and Hendrix was a fan.


This great picture, was obviously taken in the wake of the Beatles.

See how the boys combed their hair down, it wasn't even long yet


Photo By Ed Roman


Eric, The Dragonlady & Richie Scarlet 1997

Richie & myself are probably Eric Burdon's two biggest fans 

Dave Meros playing a bass that Ed Roman custom made for especially for him.


Jimi Hendrix was originally discovered and managed until his death by Chas Chandler who was Eric Burdon's original Bass player In the Animals.

Eric was very tight with Jimi, In fact he was with him the night he died. 

Many notable people in the industry have called Eric Burdon, the "best blues singer to ever come out of England". 

I am very honored to know Eric and to build all of Dean Restum's Guitars.  These Guys are still on the road and laying down some of the best Rock Blues Music you will ever hear.  If they come to your town you would be a fool not to catch Eric Burdon & The New Animals.


Partial Discography  Ed Roman has  400 Eric Burdon tunes on his Ipod


House Of The Rising Sun Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Tobacco Road (With Jimi Hendrix) We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
See See Rider Sky Pilot Monterey Little Wing
When I Was Young San Franciscan Nights Roadhouse Blues Gonna Send You Back To Walker
Spill The Wine The Night Help Me Girl Crawling Kingsnake
Gin House Blues Maudie Hey Gyp I Put A Spell On You
Boom Boom Ring Of Fire Inside Lookin' Out Paint It Black
It's My Life Don't Bring Me Down I'm Crying, No More Elmore
Riders On The Storm One Monkey Won't Stop The Show It's Been A Long Time Comin' You Got Me Floatin'



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