J. Yuenger of White Zombie

Jay began his career when he met Rob Zombie through an acquaintance and was then tried out for the guitarist of the band White Zombie whom he would remain with until they officially disbanded in 1998. Jay's first recording with the band was the EP God of Thunder. In 1991 the underage punk band "Rights of the Accused" asked Jay to be the second guitarist on their album "Kick-Happy, Thrill-Hungry, Reckless, & Willing!", to which he accepted. White Zombie's third album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 was released in 1992, which went on to go double platinum during the following years to come. Jay produced the song "Degenerated" (cover of the Reagan Youth song) performed by "The Lone Rangers" featured in the movie Airheads. White Zombie releases their best-selling album Astro-Creep: 2000 In 1995, which has gone on to become triple platinum. Later that year, the Alternative Metal band "Wicker Man" hired Jay to play on their first and only album "Shit Kicker" for which he only plays on the title track. In 1996, he recorded a the track for the guitar instrumental album "Smell The Fuzz : Blues For 2-XL" which contained various artists playing Blues influenced solos. He became involved in the The Germs tribute band Ruined Eye along with former White Zombie bassist Shana Reynolds and Dave Navarro. Together, they donated the cover song "Land of Treason" to the tribute album "Small Circle of Friends". In 1997, he played guitar and produced for the stoner rock band Fu Manchu's album Action is Go. He was recruited to play on the tracks "Helpless", "Man or Beast", and "Eleventh Day of the Moon" on the Punk band Shelter's 1997 album "Beyond Planet Earth". In 1998 Jay produced the soundtrack for the movie "Chicago Cab". Also during that year, White Zombie disbanded, Jay has been unable to find a band he's been steady with since. In 2000, Jay joined the band Stendec for the release of their first E.P. "Stendec". The group disbanded the following year in Spring. Since then, Jay currently participates in various side projects but it is uncertain of what exactly they are doing.






Ibanez, J. Yuenger Model

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