Jeff Watson Guitars


Over the past two decades, Jeff Watson has established himself as one of the worlds most revolutionary and technically gifted guitarists. Jeff originated the “8 Finger Technique,” a fret board tapping style he has used to astound casual fans and professional musicians alike, whether it be on Night Ranger hits like “(You Can Still) Rock In America”, on his awesome solo albums, or through his work with Mothers Army. Jeff’s musical talent has also made him a highly sought after session player, adding guitar tracks to the albums of Chris Isaak, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Morse, and many more. Jeffs powerful stage presence, and flawless playing has become one of his trademarks. Overshadowed by his virtuoso playing is Jeffs songwriting talent. He has shown an incredible knack for writing powerful heartfelt lyrics and gorgeous arrangements. One listen to songs like “Goodbye,” “Let Him Run,” “Sunday Morning,” and “Around The Sun,” and any listener can feel the pure emotion Jeff can evoke in his songs. This is not to say that Jeff can't pen blazing rockers, and songs like the Night Ranger classics “New York Time” and “I Don’t Call This Love”, or Jeffs solo tune “Cement Shoes” (with Sammy Hagar), are a testament to that.


Before Night Ranger, Jeff gigged around the Sacramento/San Francisco bay area with his own band, appropriately titled “The Jeff Watson Band”. It wouldn’t be long though, (after doing shows with Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar, and Heart) before Jeff met Alan “Fitz” Fitzgerald (Montrose/ Sammy Hagar) and they decided they wanted to work together. Fitz was living with Jack Blades at the time, and along with Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy they formed Night Ranger. From the moment Night Ranger’s first single “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” hit the airwaves, rock fans new this band was something special. That song showcased the breath-taking duel leads of Jeff and partner in crime Brad Gillis, and announced to the world the coming of two new guitar Gods. As Night Rangers album sales grew, (more than 16 million and counting), so did Jeff’s reputation as one of the most talented guitarists in rock n’ roll.

Seeing Jeff live is a real treat for all who have had the pleasure. Only in a live setting can one truly appreciate his musicianship. Between the complex and inventive acoustic guitar work, and the speed and coordination required to pull off what Jeff does on electric guitar, one starts to grasp the sheer complexity of his playing.

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