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Mark Tremonti, born in Detroit, was brought up with his brothers Michael and Daniel in a christian background although he never liked going to church. He went the Detroit Public where he had many friends and obtained grades that were just good enough to progress through his schooling life. However, he had to abandon his friends when he and his family moved to Grosse Point, Michigan, choosing the quiet life. This was not the only change he would encounter and soon they moved again to Wilmette, IL. Mark wasn't greatly bothered by the moves, as he made friends quite easily.

It was when Mark was 11 that his brothers Daniel and Michael Tremonti started exposing him to then-rock-gods like KISS and Metalica and led him down the rock and metal path. Mark was greatly inspired by this music and it was around Christmas time 1985 that he bought his first guitar, a T.A.R.A - which was a gibson les paul knock off - for $25 from a man who wanted him to play in his band. Mark, enthralled by the deal, immediately signed up for lessons but quit after 2 weeks as "They were teaching me Mary Had A Little Lamb when I wanted to learn Master of Puppets ". Instead Mark began to teach himself, buying a few tab books and trying to learn his favourite songs, practicing them until he got them right.

It was in Mark's teens that his mother was diognosed with Lupus. Mark was devastated. His mother's illness affected Mark as he began to go part gothic at his new school after moving again in 1990 to Orlando, Fl. He would roll under his car during breaks, and whilst pretending to be fixing something, he would smoke cigarette's. He got into bands like Megadeath and would be found wearing a Megadeth t-shirt under a White shirt at school. It was at this school, however, that Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp first met. It was also here that Mark had his first rock band called Wit's End. They were your average high school rock star wannabe's, playing Motley Crue covers and other metal songs.

After High School Mark decided to major in financing. He attended Clemson University for a year before going back to Florida, where he reunited with Scott Stapp. At this point, Mark's guitar skills had reached a new level. It seemed as if destiny brought them together and after a few long discussions, they agreed to create a band together. After jamming a few times in Scott's dorm, they auditioned for a bassist and drummer, resulting in Brian Marshall (the ex-bassist for Creed) and Scott Phillips's selection. As the band sat down to think of a good band name, a funny article which Mark carried in his wallet, headlined Naked Toddler came to mind whcih led to the bands original name. But after a while, they realized they needed a change and Stapp and Marshall suggested Creed. For Stapp, it was rememberance of his roots (Stapp's ancestors were Creek Indians) and Marshall's old band was Maddox Creed. Mark and Scott P agreed and Creed was born. The first song they recorded was a song called "Grip My Soul". After they had written a few songs, they put together all the money they had and recorded an album on their own independant record label called "Blue Collar Records". The album, called "My Own Prison" took only $6,000 to make, and only 6,000 copies were made. Creed began to tour around America, with one thing in mind. If on that day 10 people would come, and if they liked it, they would tell 10 more. The next time they came to that city, there would be 20, then 50, then 100, and so on. Finally Creed got thier break when a Radio Jockey in "The Laser" Milwaukee heard about Creed and decided to check them out. He heard My Own Prison and the song was played, and became one of the main reasons why Creed are where they are today. Mark and the others realising that they could not hit the big time on a small label signed a record deal with Wind Up records. They re-recorded the album My Own Prison, with a few small changes to the lyrics and guitar, and released it in 1997. They album was a huge hit. Since they signed onto Wind up, they have had 8 Number 1 singles, 3 Multi Platinum albums (My Own Prison - 6 times platinum, Human clay - 10 times platinum or Diamond, Weathered - 6 times platinum) in the U.S. alone, From playing a cheap Gibson knock off, Mark now has his own Paul Reed Smith Mark Tremonti Singlecut guitar, and Mark Tremonti Morley power wah pedal (with a possibility of his own taylor acousitc). Yet he's the most down to earth person in the world, enjoying hobbies cuch as video games and table tennis (ping-pong). Infact, now that he can afford it, Mark was able to fulfill his childhood dream by owning 18 pinball machines.

With Creed's success Mark has achieved best guitarist of the year for 3 years and his success continues as he works on new projects, working with other bands and writing new music.

In the break from Creed that would eventually see the band split up, Mark worked on producing for bands such as Submersed and with Troy Stetina, and has guest appeared on albums by Michael Angelo Batio and Fozzy. Mark's main project though had been creating a new band.

After going different ways from Scott Stapp, Mark along with Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall (who had left Creed and was brought back for the new band) begun work on creating new music. Mark stated, “After all Creed achieved professionally, I felt that I needed to refocus on the goals that I had personally. One of those goals was to get back to my rock and roll roots. After Creed took a break, band-mate Scott Phillips and I started to jam together again and realized that we both shared the same vision and were surprisingly anxious to get back out there and start doing it again.”

With the introduction of ex Mayfield Four singer Myles Kennedy, both an amazing singer and great person that they could get along with, Alter Bridge was born. The name comes from a long-standing bridge near Tremonti’s childhood home in Detroit, which was often regarded as a boundary to the children in surrounding neighborhoods; beyond it was uncharted territory. The small bridge epitomized “choice” and “the unknown” for Tremonti. While there remains a sense of familiarity amongst he, Phillips and Marshall, there is a natural level of excitement that is evoked from what is new, and ultimately unknown, about the future– they are truly starting a new chapter in their lives. Tremonti notes, “It’s a new road ahead of us, but the essence of this band is organic and honest rock n’ roll. The music is driven by melody and instrumentation. It is all about fun, and if it weren’t, I doubt any of us would be committed to the new band to the level that we are.”

And so Mark is now living a new chapter in his life as he tours with Alter Bridge with their material from the debut album "One Day Remains" and exploring other unknown territories as he is soon to become a father.
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