Reggie Hamilton Guitars

Reggie Hamilton was born in NYC and spent his formative years on the east coast. His original instrument was a guitar that his mother gave him when he was five.

Reggie was lucky to be surrounded by the jazz that his mother loved and the country and westen music that his father grew up with. While he listened, he discovered this sound, this feeling, THE BOTTOM END. Reggie switched to the bass guitar without ever turning back.

He was also fortunate enough to have New York bassist Kim Clarke as his first teacher. Two years later, Reggie would take up the acoustic bass to strengthen his foundation as a bassist.

Much of Reggie’s early playing experiences were spent in r&b and jazz clubs. He later worked for Michael Pedicin Jr. as a house bassist in two Atlantic City orchestras. It gave him a solid foundation in large ensembles and a chance to read unfamiliar charts almost everyday. It was a wonderful opportunity for a nineteen year old.

Although Reggie had declined a scholarship at the Philadelphia Music Academy, he studied double bass with Neil Courtney of the Philadelphia Orchestra and studied composition with the great maestro Dennis Sandole. (To date he still takes time to study double bass with Vincent Pasquier of the Paris National Orchstra.)

In pursuit of greater artistic freedom, Reggie soon migrated to Los Angeles where long time friend
Sunnie Paxson, introduced him to Stanley Clarke and George Duke.

Clarke and Duke embraced Reggie like a little brother, mentoring him in the subtleties and nuances of music and the pros and cons of the music business.

In short order Reggie amassed a substantial discography and list of touring credits due in part to the generous insight of Stan and George along with his own capacity to absorb different musical styles free from any predisposed notions.

And now, Reggie has stepped into the role of solo artist and producer with his new album "My Village" - a refreshing profusion of progressive jazz, groovy funk, and R&B.

Reggie still loves the variety associated with being a successful sideman, consistently working with a diverse range of artists and producers. And itís that spirit that resonates throughout "My Village" ‚ the synthesis of the unique listeners and divergent styles of music coming together into a unified community; a village.
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