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Dave Ellefson

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Dean Restum

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Jamie King Colton

James Burton

James Hetfield

James Lomenzo

Jeff Beck

Jeff Watson

Jennifer Batten

Jerry Donahue

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Reed

Jim Morrison

Jimmy Bryant

Jimi Hendrix

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Joan Jett

Joe Maphis

Joe Pass

Joe Perry

Joe Satriani

John 5

John Entwistle

John Fogerty

John Mayer

John Paul Jones

John Jorgensen

John Kay

John Lennon

John Mayall

John McVie

John Petrucci

John Pisano

John Scofield

Johnny Cash

Johnny Ramone

Johnny Smith

Kasim Sulton

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Kenny Burrell

Kerry King

Kerry Livgren

Kevin Dubrow

Kirk Hammett

KK Downing

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Lemmy Kilmister

Lenny Kravitz

Les Claypool

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Leslie West

Levi Peto

Lindsey Buckingham

Lita Ford

Malcolm Young


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Mark Farner

Mark Hitt

Mark Hoppus

Mark Kendall

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Mark Slaughter

Mark Tremonti

Marty Friedman

Mary Ford

Mary Kaye

Matt Heafy

Matthew Curran

Mattias Jabs

Meat Loaf

Merle Haggard

Mick  Bowman

Michael Anthony

Michael Angelo Batio

Michael Schenker

Mike Bloomfield

Mike Dirnt

Mike Pender

Mike Rutherford

Mitch Schecter

Muhammed Suizmez

Muddy Waters

Murry The Wheel

Neil Schon

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Nigel Tufnel

Nokie Edwards

Nuno Bettencourt

Pat Metheny

Pat Thrall

Pat Travers

Paul Crook

Paul Dean

Paul Gilbert

Paul McCartney

Paul Stanley

Pete Townshend

Peter Frampton

Peter Green

Phil "Fang" Volk

Phil Collen

Phil Upchurch


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Reggie Hamilton

Richie Sambora

Richie Scarlet

Rick Derringer

Rick Neilson

Rick Nelson

Rick Springfield

Robbie Krieger

Robert Conti

Robert Cray

Robert Johnson

Robin Finck

Robin Trower

Roger Glover

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Rory Gallagher

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Russ Parrish

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Scott Ian

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Son House

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Tom Petty

Tom Scholz

Tony Iommi

Tony Montana

Tyler Ochs

Victor Bailey

VH-1 Supergroup

Victor Wooten

Vinnie Martell

Vito Bratta

Vivian Campbell

Warren Dimartini

Waylon Jennings

Wayne Kramer

Wes Montgomery

Will Ray

Yngwie Malmsteen

Zakk Wylde

ZZ Top

Anthony, Michael

Atkins, Chet

Bachman, Randy

Bailey, Victor

Batio, Michael Angelo

Batten, Jennifer

Beach, Reb

Beatles, The

Beck, Jeff

Beck, Roscoe

Benson, George

Berry, Chuck

Bettencourt, Nuno

Betts, Dickie

Bloom, Eric

Bloomfield, Mike

Bogert, Tim

Bonniwell, Sean

Bowman, Mick

Bratta, Vito

Brooks & Dunn

Brothers, The Everly

Bruce, Jack

Bryant, Jimmy


Buckingham, Lindsey

Burdon, Eric, & The Animals

Burton, James

Burrell, Kenny

Campbell, Vivian 

Cash, Johnny

Clapton, Eric

Clarke, Stanley

Claypool, Les

Clinton, George

Cobain, Kurt

Collen, Phil

Collins, Albert

Collins, Bootsy

Colton, Jamie King

Connolly, Steven

Conti, Robert

Cray, Robert

Crook, Paul

Curran, Matthew

Dale, Dick

Darrell, Dimebag

Dean, Paul

Derringer, Rick

Deville, CC

Dharma, Buck

Diddley, Bo

Dimartini, Warren

DiMucci, Dion

Dirnt, Mike

Donahue, Jerry

Downing, KK

Dubrow, Kevin

Dunbar, Aynsley

Easton, Elliot

Eddy, Duane

Edwards, Nokie

Ellefson, Dave

Ellis, Herb

Enigma, The

Entwistle, John

Farlow, Tal

Farner, Mark

Finck, Robin


Fogerty, John

Ford, Lita

Ford, Mary

Fab Four

Fisher, JC

Frampton, Peter

Frehley, Ace

French, J.J.

Friedman, Marty

Gallagher, Rory

Gambale, Frank

Garcia, Jerry

Gates, Synyster

Gatton, Danny

Gibbons, Billy

Gilbert, Paul

Gillis, Brad

Gilmour, David

Glover, Roger

Green, Grant

Green, Peter

Gregory, Alex

Guy, Buddy

Haggard, Merle

Hamilton, Reggie

Hammett, Kirk

Harris, Steve

Harrison, George

Heafy, Matt

Heat, Horton


Hendrix, Jimi

Hetfield, James

Hill, Dave  (Slade)

Hill, Dusty

Hitt, Mark

Hoffs, Susanna

Holdsworth, Alan

Holmes, Chris

Hoppus, Mark

House, Son

Howe, Steve

Hudson, Saul "Slash"

Ian, Scott

Idol, Billy

Iommi, Tony

Jabs, Mattias


Jennings, Waylon

Jett, Joan

John 5

Johnson, Eric

Johnson, Robert

Jones, Brian

Jones, John Paul

Jorgensen, John

Kay, John

Kaye, Mary

Keith, Toby

Kendall, Mark

Kilmister, Lemmy

King, Albert

King, BB

King, Kerry

King, Mark

Knopfler, Mark

Kramer, Eddie

Kramer, Wayne

Kravitz, Lenny

Krell, Scott

Krieger, Robbie

Kushner, Dave

Laine, Denny

Lawless, Blackie

Lee, Alvin

Lee, Geddy

Lee Jake E.

Leese, Howard

Lennon, John

Li, Herman

Livgren, Kerry

Loaf, Meat

Lomenzo, James

Lynch, George

Malakian, Daron

Malmsteen, Yngwie


Maphis, Joe

Martell, Vinnie

May, Brian

Mayall, John

Mayer, John

McBride, Christie

McCartney, Paul

McGuinn, Roger

McVie, John

Metheny, Pat

Michaels, Brett

Miller, Marcus

Montana, Tony

Montgomery, Wes

Moore, Scotty

Morrison, Jim

Murray, Dave

Mustaine, Dave

Neilson, Rick

Nelson, Rick

Navarro, Dave

Nugent, Ted

Ochs, Tyler

Ojeda, Eddie

Page, Jimmy

Paisley, Brad

Panther, Steel

Pappalardi, Felix

Pass, Joe

Pastorius, Jaco

Parrish, Russ

Paul, Les

Pender, Mike

Perry, Joe

Peto, Levi

Petrucci, John

Petty, Tom

Pisano, John

Presley, Elvis


Raitt, Bonnie

Ramone, Johnny

Ray, Will

Reed, Jerry

Restum, Dean

Rhoads, Randy

Richards, Keith

Rutherford, Mike

Sambora, Richie

Scarlet, Richie

Santana, Carlos

Sarzo, Rudy

Satriani, Joe

Schecter, Mitch

Schenker, Michael

Schenker, Rudolph

Scholz, Tom

Schon, Neil

Schuldiner, Chuck

Scofield, John

Searchers. The

Setzer, Brian

Shannon, Del

Simmons, Gene


Slaughter, Mark

Smith, Adrian

Smith, Charles

Smith, Fred

Smith, Johnny

Spitz, Danny

Springfield, Rick

Squire, Chris

Stanley, Paul

Stevens, Steve

Stevens, T.M.

Stills, Stephen


Suizmez, Muhammed

Sulton, Kasim

Tankian, Serj

Thal, Ron "Bumblefoot"

Thomasson, Hughie

Thrall, Pat

Tipton, Glenn

Totman, Sam

Townsend, Godfrey

Townshend, Pete

Travers, Pat

Tremonti, Mark

Trower, Robin

Tufnel, Nigel

Upchurch, Phil

Vai, Steve

Van Halen, Eddie

Vandenberg, Adrian

Vaughan, Stevie Ray

Ventures, The

VH-1 Supergroup

Volk, Phil "Fang"

Waters, Muddy

Watson, Jeff

West, Leslie

Wheel, Murry The

Wilson, Brian

Wilson, Carl

Wood, Ron

Wooten, Victor

Wylde, Zakk

Wyman, Bill

Young, Angus

Young, Malcolm

Young, Neil

Yuenger, J.

ZZ Top

Zappa, Frank


Dave Ellefson Copy For Dave Ellefson Page


Dave Ellefson Co Founder Of Megadeth

David Warren Ellefson (born November 12, 1964 in Jackson, Minnesota) is a bass guitar player who is best known as one of the founding members of American thrash metal band Megadeth in which he played from 1983-2002. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is currently a member of Temple of Brutality, F5 and Killing Machine.

Early Life

Dave Ellefson started to play bass guitar because of its presence in heavy rock music. He actually bought his first Bass Guitar & PA System from Ed Roman back in the late 70's. He was one of Ed's first serious customers, Ed actually remembered him well 30 plus years later.  Ed Roman was a huge BC Rich dealer back in the day and all the budding metal musicians of the era would seek him out.


He then became an accomplished rhythm guitarist and honed his songwriting skills while leading several of his own bands through the club scene of North America's Midwest region.

[edit] The Megadeth years (1983-2002)

Other than vocalist and primary lyricist Dave Mustaine, Ellefson was the only constant member of Megadeth from the time of their establishment in 1983 to their disbandment in 2002. To differentiate between the two Davids, Mustaine referred to Ellefson as "Dave Junior", which was often shortened to "Junior". He appeared on every album and tour from 1985's thrash record Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! up until 2002's Rude Awakening. Ellefson's original playing style involved using his fingers, however, as Megadeth progressed and the music became more complex, he tended to prefer playing with a pick/plectrum. Towards the end of his Megadeth career, Ellefson was not getting some of his material played for the band, which angered him. Ellefson was credited with some Megadeth songs, including "Family Tree" from 1994's Youthanasia (in the 2004 re-mastered collection of the CD however, the track is credited to Mustaine, Ellefson, Friedman, Menza, but Dave Mustaine credited the Rust in Peace-era line-up with the entire Youthanasia album as a tribute to the band's success at the time of the record's initial release).

Feud with Mustaine

Mustaine resurrected Megadeth in 2004 to record the album The System has Failed, though Ellefson and every other former band member with the exception of Chris Poland (lead guitarist from the Killing is My Business-Peace Sells era) declined to partake in the recording process. Though the two once enjoyed a close friendship, considerable animosity developed between Ellefson and Mustaine to the point that on Ellefson's website, Megadeth was not mentioned in his biography, only in the discography.

In a mid-2005 podcast, Ellefson did not mention his past with Megadeth at all, instead concentrating on discussing his current projects. Mustaine felt Ellefson was unfairly using the Megadeth name when advertising for an amplifier for Peavey. On Blabbermouth.net, Mustaine claims to have had dinner with Ellefson at Christmas in 2005 to talk things through; they are on good terms today as Mustaine states they have spoken on the phone numerous times. [1] It should also be noted that as of late, Ellefson has stated (also on Blabbermouth.net) that if Mustaine were to call him tomorrow and ask him to rejoin the band, he would say yes.[2]

Ellefson played five tracks for the Soulfly album Prophecy and also played on one track on Dark Ages. Ellefson is currently in a hard rock band called F5.


Post Megadeth Career (2003-Present)

Ellefson formed F5 following Megadeth's 2002 disbandment. The band features Ellefson on bass, Dale Steele on vocals, Steve Conley on lead guitar, John Davis on rhythm guitar and Jimmy DeGrasso on drums. Their first album, "A Drug for all Seasons" was released in 2005. F5 appeared in support for Disturbed in February 2006 and toured the American Mid-West in the summer of 2006. Ellefson also appeared on the new Killing Machine record "Metalmorphosis" in 2006 alongside former Megadeth drummer Jimmy DeGrasso and has also been working with Temple of Brutality. Ellefson is currently a member of the melodic power metal band Avian which features singer Lance King. He commented in an interview with Alternative-Zine.com that "Megadeth was really just a starting point for me, creatively"[3]

David currently works for Peavey Electronics Corporation as an artist relations representative.

He has recently worked with underground emcee/Record producer Necro for his album entitled Death Rap.

Ellefson is also a member of a tribute band called "Hail". Ellefson, Jimmy DeGrasso, Tim "Ripper" Owens and Andreas Kisser from Sepultura formed the band in late 2008[4]. The band, as of April 2009, is touring Europe[5].

David participated in the Christmas Rock project Northern Light Orchestra, he performed bass on many of the 17 cuts produced by rock drummer Ken Mary and also at the live show Christmas in April Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona.


During Megadeth's early days, he first used BC Rich Basses primarily the Mockingbird series in black for the albums Peace Sells and Killing Is My Business.